How To Get Motivated For Swim Training

How To Get Motivated For Swim Training

Staying motivated to train is always a challenge, and it's even harder if you're trying to push yourself as much as you can. You can find yourself feeling exhausted both physically and mentally, and the urge to slack off or even give up can be difficult to resist. However, there are loads of great ways you can motivate yourself to train harder, whether you're aiming to complete your first triathlon or hoping to compete in the next Olympics. Any physical training is largely about mind over matter, so finding the right methods to motivate yourself is crucial.


Beating The Early Morning Starts!

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Training hard as a swimmer often means getting up early in the morning if you want to get in your swim before all your other commitments. Getting up for a 5 am start isn't easy, especially when you're not naturally a morning person. But you can prepare yourself and make it through. Start by making sure you get enough sleep, and turn in early. When you wake up, eat something light to give you energy without sending you back to sleep again. A little bit of smugness can go a long way too - think of all that you're achieving while everyone else is snoozing away.


When You're Still Tired from Your Last Swim Session

One of the toughest challenges is pushing yourself to train when you're still aching and tired from a previous session. Maybe you swam earlier in the week, or you went for a run, bike ride or gym session. You're not fully recovered from the last session, but you need to get on with the next one. One thing that can help is thinking about how feeling like this can help you. "Accumulated fatigue" is useful for when you're training for a long race because you need to be able to keep going, even when you're feeling tired.


Warning SignHow To Bounce Back from Setbacks

Everyone experiences setbacks in sport, as well as in other areas of their lives. If something doesn't go the way you want, the important thing is that you take something positive away from it. It can be tough to motivate yourself after something goes wrong, but you need to find something to keep you going. Think of the positive things you can learn from an experience gone wrong.


The Importance Of Breaking Down Your Goals

Having goals is essential for motivation, but only having one huge goal at the end of a very long and dark tunnel won't help you. If you want to stay motivated, you need to have smaller goals to aim for too. Breaking down your goals so that they're smaller and more manageable makes it easier. Choose weekly and even daily goals to meet so you're always reaching for the next thing.


How To Keep Things Exciting

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Doing the same thing over and over again is no way to motivate yourself. Eating the same breakfast, leaving the house at the same time and doing the same routine can get you down. Try to mix things up, whether it's trying out a new workout or going to a different pool to swim.
Keeping things interesting is also a great addition to keeping it exciting, perhaps tracking your swim with some of our specialized swim watches and then challenging yourself to beat your records can be a great form of motivation and competition. If you're just looking to relax while you workout, some of our waterproof MP3 players are a great accessory to add to your swim. 


It can be hard to stay motivated, but there are lots of tips you can use to keep going. Find out what works for you.

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