Top Swim Training Tips from Michael Jamieson

I'm Michael Jamieson. Get Speedo fit.

Tip 1 - Work on Your Leg kick

My first tip would be to work on your leg kick on freestyle. Your leg kick's really important, it takes the stress and strain off your shoulders.

Tip 2 - Work on Your Breathing Rhythm

I think my second tip would be to work on the rhythm of your breathing. I think working on both of those things allow you to swim for longer, and it's easier as well, it doesn't sap your energy so much.

Tip 3 - Swim Longer

Tip number 3 would be to, I think, swim at a lower intensity for longer, rather than kind of trying to swim fast and maybe not swimming as far.

What would be a good goal to set?

I think it would be a balance between the distance you can swim and how economically you can do that. I think balancing that leg kick and the rhythm of your breathing can really help you swim for longer, and a lot easier.
Why is swimming such a great workout?

I think first of all it's a real all-over body work-out, really. I think it's obviously no impact, as opposed to land-based sports, so it's kind of less intrusive, especially for people who are just interested in getting fit. It's a lot easier on your body.
What is your favourite trainig equipment

My favourite piece of equipment is always fins. Working on your leg kick, it's a lot easier to swim, and you can swim a bit faster with them on as well.

I am Speedo fit.

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