GOING FOR GOLD: Top 5 Racing Suits of 2019

 In this blog we we’ll looking at five of the BEST Racing Suits from 2019! We are always proud to present some of the most innovative, technologically advanced and specifically engineered racing suits on the market. The most important thing about all of these racing suits is that they are made for swimmers to perform at their optimum when it matters most. Every Racing Suit here is FINA Approved and ready to race! We have only the best, so you can be your best.  


TYR: TYR Venzo GenesisTYR Venzo Genesis

The TYR Venzo Genesis comes in either an Open or Closed back Kneeskin and Jammer. If you want to push your performance to the top of the podium, then that’s exactly what this racing suit does.

Constructed from frictionless fibres, this suit’s drag is reduced to a minimum. It is also designed with Surface Lift Technology which prevents water from permeating the fabric, ensuring your body has a higher position in the water. An Endo Compression Cage means that the taping and fabric form a compressive cage that allows you to increase your distance per stroke. And finally, the hydrodynamic design utilises a seamless construction to decrease drag and streamline the body position.

This incredible suit has been worn by Kate Ledecky and is endorsed by the USA Swim Team!

Speedo Pure IntentSPEEDO: Speedo Fastskin LZR Pure Intent

The Speedo Fastskin LZR Pure Intent comes in either open or closedback kneeskins as well as high waisted or standard Jammers. The openback kneesuits are recommended for women with arched backs due to the freedom of movement. For the Jammers, the high waist offers a greater coverage which improves performance. The Intent offers a variety that suits everybody!

The suits’ bonded seams and triple fabric construction for a greater range of movement. It also has new textured fabric zones which target drag reduction all to help you perform at maximum. The jammers have a premium waistband engineered to reduce water ingress. One of the most impressive qualities is the ergonomic seam construction with compressive dual layers specifically designed to connect key muscle groups for greater power return.

Team Speedo’s quality suits are endorsed by sensational global swimming stars like Missy Franklin and Caleb Dressel!

ARENA: Arena Carbon Air²Arena Carbon Air 2

Arena has been producing quality suits since 2012 .The Arena Carbon Air² Kneeskin and Jammer is part of an icon range of Racing Swimwear. The launch of the Air2 was a standout in the racing world and has impressed many with the intelligence of the suit. The Air2 encompasses all that came before it, and even more.

It is lighter and tighter than suits that have come before, feeling much like a second skin. It is made from the same fabric as the original Carbon Air, but with the contribution of horizontal bands it makes it more compressive and gives it little drag. The Air2 has lack of compression which liberates breathing and movement. It is incredibly constructed from one piece of fabric giving you a hydrodynamic glide and supreme comfort. Both the jammer and kneeskins have a complete compression system which means your entire core experiences an elevation in compression.

Arena’s incredible suits for athletes are endorsed by multi-gold-medallist Adam Peaty!



The JK-ONE is available in a Womens Openback Kneesuit and in a men’s Jammer. It has been designed specifically to support your performance in the water, having features like the revolutionary strap design which ensures security and comfort. The JK-ONE is a technical Racing Suit designed to propel you to first place.

It is designed with 3D external tape to give you greater elasticity and resistance in the water. The Jammers even have a slider tunnel to help protect and preserve the fabric. It also has a double layer of fluorocarbon to excel the suit’s water-repellency, giving it high fluid dynamism in the water. Along with the vertical panels and polyurethane tapes which are welded with new Ultrasound technology, this suit is fiercer and faster being Jaked’s most complete racing suit yet!

On Jaked’s team is the incredible Federica Pellegrini, not just an amazing athlete but an Olympic champion too!


FINIS: Finis Rival 2.0Finis Rival 2.0

The Finis Rival 2.0 comes in both Kneeskin and Jammer. An innovative suit, it uses new fabrics to ensure a tougher and faster design than ever before.

The Kneeskin has a vertical chest seam that provides compression and prevents air pockets, yet still allowing breathing room. The jammer has innovative seams on the back of the legs to increase compression and help lift your hips. The jammer and the kneeskin have a complete compression system which means elevates your core another level. The use of Shield-Tech Fabric means the suit is tough, has little friction and multidirectional properties to liberate the stretch properties.

Finis have renowned athletes Olivia Smolgia and James Guy representing! James Guy has had incredible success whilst wearing Finis Suits.

Other products to help you Race ahead…

As well as these top 5 Racing Suits of 2019 there are many other amazing Racing Suits such as the Speedo Pure Valor - a close contender to this list. You can find all of our Racing Suits on our site!

The Race has begun when you’ve got your suit, but it would be hard to finish first without the advanced accessories needed to complete the kit. Why not get some Racing Goggles or a Racing Swim Cap to complete your swimming armoury!

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