Top 10 FINIS Swimming Products

Top 10 FINIS Products

Welcome to our list of the top 10 FINIS products at ProSwimwear. These products have all proved incredibly popular with our customers during the most recent months and have proven themselves to be good quality, trustworthy and reliable.

FINIS are a market leader in swim training equipment and technical racing swimwear. They made their name with innovative training tools designed to help with stroke development. Whichever part of your stroke you want to focus on, FINIS have a training tool specially tailored to your needs! Check out the top 10 most popular FINIS training aids below...

FINIS Agility Paddles

1. FINIS Agility Hand Paddles

Stay Palm Positive with the strapless Finis Agility Paddles. An essential item for your training bag. These innovative paddles help Olympic level swimmers train and perfect their stroke – have a go yourself and see why they are so widely trusted and loved!

Love love love! - Review by Dolphinz

"Great piece of kit -no more struggling with straps and getting marks! Much better in making turn around times and getting them on and off. Swimmers have said they are very comfortable and has improved thier catch no end! Awesome and totally recommend! "

(Posted on 19/08/2016)

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FINIS Alignment Kickboard

2. FINIS Alignment Kickboard

The Finis Alignment Kickboard is designed for streamline, underwater and side kicking drills as well as being used as a normal kickboard. By incorporating a stabilizing hand strap, swimmers can control the board without gripping, creating a perfect alignment from the finger tips to the toes.

'Dorrito' - Review by Louise

"My son has been using this swimming aid (nicknamed a Dorrito!) for the last 2 weeks and it has already improved his kicking technique and his streamline position. A worthwhile investment. "

(Posted on 17/10/2015)

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FINIS Pulling Ankle Strap

3. FINIS Pulling Ankle Strap - Leg Band

This natural rubber ankle strap holds the feet and ankles together to eliminate kicking and help develop upper body strength. One of our most popular, and simplest training tools. The FINIS Pullin Snkle Strap is excellent value for money, not many other training aids are available at the same low price.

Great Butterfly aide - Review by BigSmithy

"My son was struggling with keeping his legs together when swimming his Fly and his coach advised me to get an ankle/leg band, after searching the net for a while I came across & will now not bother looking on other sites for my sons swim wear/aids. Very cheap, very fast(next day delivery) and very satisfied. Thanks "

(Posted on 28/08/2015)

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FINIS Swim Parachutes

4. FINIS Swim Parachutes

Finis Swim Parachutes allow you to train with resistance to build strength, power and endurance. The Parachutes provide increased resistance,during training sessions, helping you to build muscle, increase endurance and increase speed. !

A great training aid - Review by Kian

"I bought this for my grandson who competes at county and national levels aged 11. He took it to the club, and all the swimmers and coaches loved it and now they are in the process of buying more. a great improvement from my day when we used to drag a rubber car inner-tube strapped to us in the 1960's"

(Posted on 12/01/2016)

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FINIS Forearm Fulcrum

5. FINIS Forearm Fulcrum Positioner

Another new innovative product from Finis, the Forearm Fulcrum can be used by swimmers of all levels to improve stroke technique and has applications for all four strokes. The Forearm Fulcrum holds the hand, wrist and elbow to optimize the position of the forearm for the most efficient, and effective stroke technique.

Great for technique - Review by Tim

"Was initially sceptical but these really do improve early part of stroke. Don't wear them for too long, max 50m I'd suggest, but useful at start of session/set to align correct technique. The benefits seemingly last for most of the session. Would buy again, especially at this price. PS - The straighter edge goes to outside of arm. "

(Posted on 25/01/2016)

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Finis Glide Snorkel Mint Green

6. FINIS Glide Snorkel - Mint Green

The Finis Glide Snorkel is a great piece of training equipment for any swimmer! Allowing and encouraging the swimmer to swim at normal speeds with a full range of motion and perfect stability. Learning these skills is important for novice level swimmers to master and for advanced swimmers to perfect. Check out the full range of colours here.

Updated kit list - Review by Caroline

"We were asked by our club to get these snorkels as a kit addition. Not only was delivery really fast, my girls were the first to use them in practice. Now they are easily identified as they are the only ones with green snorkels. Outstanding service as always."

(Posted on 17/09/2015)

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FINIS Swimmer's Snorkel

7. FINIS Swimmer's Snorkel - Adult and Junior

The Finis Swimmers Snorkel is a revolutionary snorkel that all swimmers can use to improve their technique. It allows the swimmer to glide through the water with no need to lift or turn the head and therefore focus on their underwater work and rotation before adding breathing back into the stroke.

Great snorkel - Review by Swimmum

"Very happy with this brand of snorkel. My daughter already had one with which she is happy so got same for my son. He is 12 but I got adult size as a junior one is shorter and sits less far above the water surface (easier to let water in). They adjust to his head size no problem. I would add that both my kids have found it useful to wear a nose clip with snorkels and this doesn't come with adult one. Delivered on time, well packaged, easy to purchase online. Mum happy and son happy after using for about 3 weeks."

(Posted on 11/05/2015)

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FINIS Tempo Trainer

8. FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro (Yellow)

Develop consistency and avoid lulls with a personal pace coach, the Tempo Trainer Pro. The small, waterproof device easily secures under a swimmer’s cap and transmits an audible tempo beep. Swimmers use the beep to train smarter and discover their perfect pace

Excellent - Review by JamPay

Really great simple to use product. Perfect for pacing but also stroke development, cutting out dead spots in fly also. So also great for all strokes, all races, pacing for stroke cadence and wall to wall split consistency. After one session my daughter dropped 5 seconds on a 200m. Great service and care as always from Pro Swimwear.

(Posted on 07/07/2016)

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FINIS Positive Drive Fins

9. FINIS Positive Drive Fins

The Positive Drive Fins (PDF’s) use a unique ellipsoidal blade to generate the correct propulsion in all swim strokes. Traditionally fins are not made for Breaststroke, but the asymmetrical shape and adjustable heel strap allows the swimmer to safely build power in the Breaststroke kick.

Brilliant! - Review by Dolphinz

"Love the concept of fins for all strokes! Great when doing IM sets as no messing inbetween in changing for the brs! Really does improve the feet position and efficiency of the kick in all strokes. Also has been great for recognising fly kick upward and downward movement! Totally recommend! "

(Posted on 19/08/2016)

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FINIS Axis Buoy

10. FINIS Axis Buoy

The dual-function design of the Axis Buoy helps to improve swimmers body position, whilst building upper body strength and engaging core muscles. With an ergonomic and contoured design, the Axis Buoy can function as both an ankle float or a more traditional pull buoy.

Excellent product - Review by superstar

Great for scissoring legs. I use it on some of my students and for myself where it makes the core work more.. Comfortable material and easy to use.

(Posted on 16/03/2016)

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Well there you have it, those are the 10 best-selling FINIS products at ProSwimwear. Head on over to the FINIS brand page to see more amazing training tools and accessories plus some really top-notch FINA approved racing swimwear!