Tips For Parents Of Swimmers!

Its always tricky getting involved in your child's activities and understanding what is going on. Especially in swimming, some decisions are made that use certain terminology that can be quite hard to follow unless you are a consistent swimmer yourself. However learning some basic terms and phrases will drastically improve your ability to understand what is going on and why, allowing you to support your child to the maximum! With different swimming styles, and course lengths alongside particular rules for events there is a lot to take in!

Competitive swimming uses four styles: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. A medley race will combine all four strokes. When swimming freestyle, competitors can use the stroke of choice, which is usually the crawl. When competing in a backstroke event, swimmers are allowed to flip on their stomach when they make their turn, but they must finish oriented on their back. These two strokes are combined with a flutter kick. When swimming the breaststroke, the kick resembles the action a frog makes when swimming. This stroke requires swimmers to touch the wall with both hands when they complete their heat. The butterfly, perhaps the most impressive style, also requires swimmers to finish with both hands touching the wall. The kick for this stroke resembles the undulation dolphins make when swimming. A medley is performed in this order: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle finish. (Read More)

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