One for all and all for Akron: The Viper Racing Suit is Performance Swimwear Perfection!

In this blog we will look at the Akron Viper Racing Suit available now at ProSwimwear in Womens swimwear and Mens Swimwear.

‘Be Water’

Akron Swimwear was created by the Dell’Andrea family in 2005. A part of this process was the two-time Olympic gold medallist Domenico Fiovravanti. A love of swimming and Domenico’s success lead them to create technical yet comfortable swimwear so you could not just be great in the water but so that you could be like water, which turned into their famous company motto.

Their swimwear is primarily designed and developed in Italy. So, with a helping hand from Fiorvavanti you can expect nothing short of great quality materials, detailed features and incredible colourways.


The Akron store at ProSwimwear has a whole host of products to choose from with plenty of mens swimwear, boys swimwear, girls swimsuits and womens swimsuits. This is also where they have the Viper Racing Suit!


The Viper Strikes Back

The Viper by Akron Performance Swimwear is available in a Womens Open Back Kneesuit and in a Mens Viper Jammer both with a striking red/navy design. It is also completely FINA Approved! The most essential accessory for any competitive outfit!


Stretch Fabric (Versatility)

The Viper was specifically designed to have Stretch Fabric. This was so it would be versatile enough for all range of competitive swimmers whether it’s the backstroke, breaststroke or a medley the Viper serves all!

 Akron Viper Jammers

Elasticity (Comfort)

The swimsuits are especially made with Elastane fabric. This gives you an added layer of elasticity and comfort that makes it feel like you’re wearing a second skin!


Water Repellent (Frictionless)

Using compact fabric and treatment for hydrodynamics this ensures a water repellent material for your competitive swimwear. It also eliminates any braking friction generated by water!


Elastic Module (Stress Relief)

An incredible feature of these racing swimsuits and racing jammers is the Elastic Module. It generates a muscle massage action that reduces fatigue in times of stress so everyone can swim stress free!


Heat Sealed Seams (Reduced Friction)

The Viper also offers swimmers an exceptional hydrodynamic finish with ultrasonic heat sealed seams, strategically located on the race suit. This finish provides the seams with an ultra-flat finish which reduces water friction – the Viper is built for speed!

 Akron Womens Viper

Open Back (Kneeskin Designs)

All the swimwear pieces are designed to be successful in every swimming situation. However, the Open Back element in the women’s Kneeskin swimsuit has thick supportive straps that reduce rubbing on the shoulders.


If you like that, then you’ll love…

If you like the sound of the Viper in competitive swimwear, then you’ll love some of Akron’s other products. They have the Ultraskin Limited Edition womens swimsuit and the Ultraskin Limited edition mens Jammer with fabric compression values like never before!

There is also the Racing Girls swimsuit and the Boys brief for junior athletes!

Accessories are necessaries!

Akron as a brand make sure you can swim your absolute best with these incredible accessories! The Akron Swimming Goggles are perfect to complete your competitive swimwear, and the Akron Swimming Caps are the perfect head piece to top off your outfit!


So, why let these opportunities slither away when ProSwimwear have Akron’s Viper and other amazing Akron products ready for you to shop today!


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