The Ultimate Guide To Dry Land Exercises For Swimmers

We’ve put together this resource of land training exercises for swimmers who are either not able to get into the water or simply want to supplement their traditional pool-based training sessions.

These exercises can be used to improve overall strength and conditioning which will help with all elements of your swimming; from more explosive starts and turns to improved flexibility and also endurance.

Many of these exercises can be done at home without any equipment while others might require a resistance band, some weights or a little improvisation.

As with any form of exercise; don’t forget to warm up correctly before maximum effort on any of these workouts and always try to maintain proper form during each exercise to reduce the risk of injury.

Resistance Band Exercises For Swimmers

Shoulder Rotations

  • Ideal for: Shoulder stability and injury prevention
  • Mix it up: Vary between internal and external rotations

Backstroke Training

  • Ideal for: Backstroke swimmers looking to maintain or improve core strength
  • Mix it up: Try applyign the same method and equipment to other strokes

Land Training Exercises For Swimmers

Kneeling Superman

  • Ideal for: Strenghtening the core, amongst other things, of front crawl and backstroke swimmers
  • Mix it up: If you're confident, and it is safe to do so, try doing these balancing on a gym ball

Jump Rope

  • Ideal for: Cardio and improving timing and coordination
  • Mix it up: Learn some advanced skipping rope moves (like the ones in the video below) to challenge yourself

Squat Jumps

  • Ideal for: Adding explosive power to starts and tumble turns
  • Mix it up: Add weight by holding dumbbells or a barbell


  • Ideal for: Intense cardio training and full-body overall strength training
  • Mix it up: Try some of the many variations of the standard burpee to keep things interesting

Stretches For Swimmers

Child Pose

  • Ideal for: Stretching your lower back and hip muscles

Butterfly Stretch

  • Ideal for: Helping to prevent inner thigh and groin injuries, partocularly in breaststroke swimmers

Pretzel Stretch

  • Ideal for: Stretching glutes after they have been worked hard from kicking and tumble turns


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