Top Tips For Keeping Your Swimsuit Looking Like New

Whether you are a professional swimmer, or you just enjoy the fun of it, you will find that it is hugely beneficial to take proper care of your swimwear. A swimsuit actually requires a number of specific things if it is to properly last and maintain its high quality for a long time to come, but many people are not aware of what they need to do to make that happen. As it turns out, it’s not too complex, as long as you follow a few basic rules of thumb. In this post, we will look at what some of those rules are, so you can take much better care of your swimsuit.

First Things First: Water

The first thing you must do to ensure your swimsuit is kept in the best possible condition is to wash it in water. During swimming, your swimsuit will obviously take on a lot of chlorine, and this chemical can be damaging to the longevity of the item over time. Washing it immediately in water is a good start to getting rid of this chlorine, and you should consider it an absolutely essential part of the cleaning process.

Air Drying

After washing, your swimsuit should then be left to air dry. Ideally, this should be done at room temperature, and you should make an effort not to allow it to dry near any heaters or other artificial heat sources, as this can only further damage it. Allowing it to dry rather than subjecting it to heat to dry ensures that it will not be put under intense stress, and that is better in the long run.

Consider Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

Although all swimwear requires a lot of care to keep it in the best condition, some have a better chance than others of this actually happening. If you can get your hands on some decent chlorine resistant swimwear, you should find that this makes a huge difference to how long your swimsuit lasts after being subjected to chlorine routinely. Brands such as Speedo, Arena, Michael Phelps all offer very high quality, chlorine resistant swimwear. You will still need to carry out all the basic swimsuit care tasks, but it will mean that you are able to keep each item for much longer. With their increased resistance to both chlorine and UV rays, chlorine resistant swimwear will maintain shape and colour for much longer. Chlorine resistant swimwear could even be seen as a bit of an investment, the less often you have to buy them, the more money you will save. 

Storing In The Right Way

How you store your swimsuit in between the pool and home is also going to come into consideration here. Many people ignore this altogether, but the truth is that using a swimming bag like the TYR Alliance or the Speedo Teamster Rucksack, can ensure that your wet swimwear is stored properly for the journey home. This will, in turn, reduce damage by chlorine and your swimsuit will be able to last much longer. You might also consider using a mesh bag, as this will allow the clothes to part dry as you carry them. You should never wrap your wet swimwear in a towel, although this may be the common sight at most pools, wrapping your suit in a towel only allows the chlorine the stay on the suit as well as keeping it damp resulting in a nasty smell. 

Follow the above, and you will be well on your way to having swimwear that lasts much longer and retains its shape and colour much more effectively. Keeping you looking great and in time, actually saving you money!