The Brownlee Brothers: A Triathlon Triumph

The Brownlee brothers are international triathlon champions. They have pioneered not only their own careers as triathletes but also changed the perception of the sport. From their affectionate, familial rivalry to defending titles against international challengers they have secured their place in the podiums time and time again.

They have battled their way through countless events to secure win after win. Despite their roaring success, there have been intermissions where the brothers have equally been plagued by injuries and setbacks from the sport they dominate. Regardless of these interceptions it seems that both of the brothers are making a comeback this year!


About the brothers

Alistair Brownlee is the oldest of the two brothers, born in 1988. He has many collected many different accolades over his sporting career. He is currently the only athlete to hold a withstanding title in the event of Triathlon. His Olympic success is one of his most notable achievements. In the London 2012 Olympics he won the gold and took home the title for Great Britain. Then in the 2016 Rio Olympics he came back and triumphed again by securing the Olympic gold for second time. He also was awarded an MBE for his contributions to the triathlon sport.

Jonathan Brownlee was born in 1990 and is the younger of the brothers. He is a professional triathlete who is one of the most acclaimed triathletes internationally. He has competed in many triathletes and has a decorated career. He won bronze in the Olympic triathlon at the London 2012 Olympic games, taking a second top three medal for team GB. In the 2016 Rio Olympics he came back and took the silver medal, only bested by his brother. This was not only an iconic moment for team GB but a landmark event in history as the two brothers took first and second place in the Olympic triathlon.


Brownlee BrothersMaking history

In addition to their impressive triathlete success rate, they share one of the most iconic moments in sporting history. In the 2016 Triathlon World series that was held in Mexico the two brothers were pushing through the competition. Alistair Brownlee was holding the first-place position within the last 700m however he started to suffer from heat exhaustion.

It was clear that he was struggling the nearer he approached the finish-line. Even though he was overtaken by Henri Schoeman he stumbled onwards. That’s when Jonny Brownlee approached, not far behind his brother in the race, and held his brother up, running the remainder of the race supporting him up.

He helped his brother over the finish line before he finished the race himself. Despite the fact that neither of them won this became won of the most iconic moments in sporting history.

That is one of the moments that they are most widely known for. The sportsmanship that is shown between two brothers has become more memorable than perhaps any award in their career.

The journey of the Brownlee brothers is far from over – but it holds some of the most incredible sporting moments to date. They have many brilliant achievements and moments that will be something remembered for years to come! The Brownlee brothers’ story is one that couldn’t stay untold.

We can’t wait to see what they do next!


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