The attributes of lifelong swimmers

The attributes of lifelong swimmers

Swimming is a sport for all ages and abilities and has a diverse range of people invested in it. Despite this, lifelong swimmers have many characteristics in common.

Swimming becomes a constant factor in someone’s life who swims regularly for many years. It reaches their persistence and consistency, often forming a routine on when they swim and how long for. Although the odd injury may get in the way, it often makes a swimmer want to return to swimming and get back connected with the water. These people also find it easier to quickly get back into swimming after being absent for a while. 

To be a confident swimmer, a degree of self-belief is necessary, you need to believe that you are strong and capable, because if you do not have that level of confidence in yourself you will not flourish and perform your personal best, whether it’s racing in a competition or managing to do 5 lengths in your local swimming pool without having a break. Tying in with this is a commitment to the sport, because if you do not focus on your swim stroke and practice, then the level of improvement you will have will not be noticeable enough. 

Lifelong swimmers often are more open to new swimming experiences and ideas. Open water swimming? Sure! Competitions? Absolutely. These swimmers get to experience new adventures and even possibly find something new that they love. Experiencing more and swimming for a long time will give you better knowledge about swimming. These kinds of people often go out of their way to encourage others to take up swimming and help them to stick with it!

People who swim long-term often become a part of a community, gaining new friends in the sport that can help to push each other to reach their goals. This can make a swimmer reliable and committed to the sport, the community, and their new network of friends.

Lastly, patience is vital because changes in your ability will not happen overnight, and it is likely you will face a lot more losses than wins due to the competitive nature the sport sometimes has, or even trying to beat your own personal best. This, however, could be why the sport is so popular as effort placed in often shows results. Relating to the points above, optimism is a helpful trait for swimmers, especially when they have to take a break from swimming for recovery or press on through a race when their body is hurting. In the face of adversity, optimism can help you to push on and complete your goals.

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