Technique Paddles: More Than Just A Paddle

The typical hand paddle is an excellent training aid to keep in your bag, we even keep a pair in ours. Typical hand paddles are great for adding a bit of extra resistance to your stroke and helping to build that upper body strength. But what about when you really need to improve your hand and upper body technique? That's where our arsenal of more complex technique paddles come into play. We're going to talk you through some of our favorite technique paddles and how they have helped us improve our DPS (Distance Per Stroke) our upper body strength and the overall quality of our swim!

1. FINIS ISO Paddles

We love the ISO Paddles From FINIS, they look and feel amazing but they are possibly the most versatile paddles out there. They have been ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the natural contour of your hand, but this isnt why we love them so much. The ISO paddles can be used in two different ways, using the edge on the inside allows swimmers to isolate and engage the pectoral, bicep and deltoid muscles. Using the edge on the outside allows swimmers to isolate and engage the triceps and trapezius muscles. Using the ISO paddle really heightens your stroke awareness, giving you a great feel of the water and adjust your technique accordingly to get the most out of each stroke. 

2. Mad Wave Egg Trainer Paddles

The Egg Trainer from Mad Wave is a hand paddle with a difference, it eliminates the use of the hand's thanks to its hydrodynamic shape, forcing the swimmer to focus on the whole body movement to generate propulsion. You have to really get your forearm vertical for propulsion and use every advantage from tucking in your core to optimizing rotation in order to get through the water. After some prolonged use with the egg trainer, you'll begin to notice your hips becoming more efficient in the water, your core will be activated all results in a much better body position, even if you do not swim competitively, the egg training paddle can really help improve your overall technique. 


3. FINIS Instinct Sculling Paddles

The FINIS Instinct Sculling Paddles help teach swimmers the correct palm positive hand position while sculling. The strapless design of the paddles increase the swimmer's stroke awareness and emphasize stroke errors, making it easier to identify and correct your technique. Constructed with a convex design, the sculling paddles promote an early catch and an early vertical forearm position in the sculling motion.These sculling paddles are a versatile tool for all four swimming strokes and come n two different sizes to help achieve the perfect fit. 



4. Dolfin Feedback Paddles

The Dolfin Feedback Paddle is one of the few paddles on the market that will provide you immediate feedback through the entire pull phase of your stroke. Fitted with an adjustable feedback strap that allows you to fine-tune the applied resistance, the Dolfin Feedback Paddle encourages perfect technique by adding resistance when your stroke breaks down! Another great feature of the feedback paddle if it works for every swim stroke, too often do we see technique paddles that are completely tailored to a preffered technique. 


5. FINIS Agility Hand Paddles 

Due to the Agility paddles strapless design, incorrect technique will cause the paddle to fall off the swimmer's hand. The ergonomically advanced design of the Finis Agility Paddles helps teach swimmers the correct palm positive hand position. There are many strapless design hand paddles on the market, but we find the FINIS Agility Paddles very comfortable and very durable quality. 


Technique paddles really are worth the investment if you wish to "fine tune" your stroke. They can take your stroke to the next level. Using the correct technique can not only make you faster, but often means less energy is exerted when done correctly. Take a look at our range of hand paddles and be sure to let us know your favorites!