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The New Michael Phelps Swimwear Range Is Here!

MP SwimwearThe new range of Michael Phelps swimsuits has just arrived at ProSwimwear. Over the last year-or-so the world's most famous swimmer has been developing his own brand of swimming products under the name MP (Michael Phelps). It started with the MP K180 goggles, then came the XPRESSO racing suits, followed by the focus snorkel and XCEED goggles. The latest additions to the MP range are colourful training trunks and swimming costumes in funky designs!

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Michael Phelps XCEED Goggles (With Video)

Michael Phelps Xceed GogglesMichael Phelps' MP brand is expanding, with the addition of the XCEED goggles to compliment the official Michael Phelps racing swimsuit - the MP XPRESSO. The new goggles feature a streamlined design to benefit you during competitions, when you need it the most! In the youtube video we get an up-close look at the goggles and their features as well as a demonstration with Phelps wearing them in the pool.

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The Michael Phelps 'Focus' Snorkel (With video)

MP Focus SnorkelCheck out this video featuring Michael Phelps and coach Bob Bowman explaining the advantages of training with the MP 'Focus' Snorkel. Centre snorkels are a great training tool for intermediate to advanced swimmers. There is something to be said about the advantages of developing your breath control and breathing muscles (intercostal). The snorkel provides a degree of resistance, meaning that every time you breathe out you're training your lungs, and all the muscles that help with breathing, to be stronger/better than they were before.

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The New Michael Phelps XCEED Racing Goggles

Michael Phelps XCEEDThe new Michael Phelps XCEED goggles have just arrived through our doors. We're really excited to see everything that is coming from Phelps' swim brand, from the XPRESSO tech suits to his new colourful training swimwear collection, the Alpha Pro training fins and focus snorkel, we've seen a good variety of products from the brand already!

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Incredible Interview with Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps   His life had been turned into a flat-screen American athletic dream: A skinny boy with big feet (and ears) had been transformed by endless laps and a wise coach into a red-white-and-blue, gold-medal-winning machine. Imagine our relief when he announced last spring that he would swim in one more Olympics next summer in Rio de Janeiro, his fifth (and surely his last?).

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