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Faster with FINIS: How to Equip your FUSE Race Suit!

In this blog we will be showing you how to put on your Finis Tech Suit! Finis suit

One of the most advanced suits in racing, for racing! 

This blog will include... 

  • A size guide to the suits
  • How to put your suit on
  • The difference between putting Openbacks and Jammers on
  • Videos of how to put your suit on!

You don't want to miss our most informative blog post yet!

Don't struggle with your suit when you can suit up and swim in seconds today! 

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Swimming Endurance: How to swim further, faster!

Speedo FitnessDiscover the stamina-building training tips that will enable you to swim further and faster, as former World Champion swimmer and gold medallist, Karen Pickering MBE, shares the endurance tips gleaned during twenty years representing Britain at senior level. Invest in a swimming lesson. Improving your technique is the easiest way to swim faster and further, so consider having a professional swimming lesson.

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How to Warm Up Before Swimming

Stretches for swimmersWarming up properly is key to getting an effective and injury-free workout. This is true of any sport. There have been numerous studies conducted around the area of stretching, warm-ups and the  effect it has on athletic performance. The warm-up is designed to fire-up your body's energy systems, and it's a great opportunity to mentally prepare for the physical exertion that lies ahead.

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Three Tips For Buying Body-Shaping Swimwear

aq-anikaIf you’re a little self conscious about going to the pool but want to get back in to swimming for fitness (or for leisure) then my best advice is to try some “body shaping” or “body sculpture” swimwear. Swimsuit companies spend thousands of pounds every year researching and developing new ways to make us feel more confident in our swimsuits. If you know what you’re looking for then you can get yourself a swimsuit that flatters your shape, accentuates the right areas, and helps with those areas that you’re not too keen on so that you can forget your worries and swim with confidence!

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Top Tips For Buying Swimming Hand Paddles

freestyler-croppedHand paddles are a great training tool for getting more out of your swim. They’re cheap, compact and easy to get the hang of. There are loads to choose from on the market so you can pick a set of hand paddles that suit you. Swimming paddles are often described as the equivalent of weight training for swimmers but be careful when using paddles, incorrect use can lead to the dreaded “swimmers shoulder”. Leaving your shoulder inflamed and sore, which could take you out of training for a period of time if the condition is allowed to worsen.

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