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Level X – The New Virtual Swimming Competition introduced by Swim England

Introducing Level X: The new virtual swimming competition! 

Swim England is introducing a new way to for swim clubs to virtually compete! 

In this blog we will tell you... 

  • What exactlty Level X is
  • Who the first clubs competing are going to be
  • How it's taking place
  • How it's scored
  • And what comes next for virtual swimming! 

We will be updating you on the latest Level X news throughout this exciting new journey!

Read more now! 

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Tavistock Swimming Club Members Compete At National Level

Tavistock SCFour members of the Tavistock Swimming Club (Devon) attended their first national-level competition in Sheffield recently. The atmosphere at a large swimming event is something to be witnessed, there is nothing else quite like it and lads thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They got to mix with medallists and top UK athletes at the event where several British records were broken.

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Ten Questions Every Swimming Parent Wants To Know

Kids SwimmingIn this article from Swimming World magazine, Wayne Goldsmith and Helen Morris present questions that every swimming parent has probably asked. You see them every day. They are everywhere. At every pool. Every swim meet. Every school swimming practice. There they are. Sitting at the side of the pool. Watching every lap. Counting every breath. Analyzing every stroke. Studying every move you make...

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25 Confessions of a Swim Mum

Swim KidsIn the blog, dedicated swim mum Things like "I alternate between wishing that I could just lead a normal life without all the responsibilities of raising an athlete and being terrified that eventually I will be forced to lead a normal life without athletes who need me and I won’t know who I am if I’m not an athlete’s mom."

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Ten Ways for the Swim Parent to Sabotage Their Child's Swimming Career

Swimming ParentsAfter thirty-three full years of observation, it has occurred to me that some parents must internally delight in the idea of sabotaging their child's swim career. They must for some perverse reason WANT to do this, since they work so incredibly hard at it and are so remarkably successful. Hereafter, my top ten list of means and methods. (And more seriously, some clear examples on positive alternatives)....

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