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How to Warm Up Before Swimming

Stretches for swimmersWarming up properly is key to getting an effective and injury-free workout. This is true of any sport. There have been numerous studies conducted around the area of stretching, warm-ups and the  effect it has on athletic performance. The warm-up is designed to fire-up your body's energy systems, and it's a great opportunity to mentally prepare for the physical exertion that lies ahead.

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Michael Phelps XCEED Goggles (With Video)

Michael Phelps Xceed GogglesMichael Phelps' MP brand is expanding, with the addition of the XCEED goggles to compliment the official Michael Phelps racing swimsuit - the MP XPRESSO. The new goggles feature a streamlined design to benefit you during competitions, when you need it the most! In the youtube video we get an up-close look at the goggles and their features as well as a demonstration with Phelps wearing them in the pool.

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Siobhan Marie O'Connor Talks Us Through The Olympic Swimming Selection Process (Video)

Siobhan Marie O'Connor (far right) and other GB athletesBritish swimmer Siobhan Marie O'Connor took some time to talk to the guys at SwimSwam on the subject of the Olympic swimming qualification process for GB swimmers. The qualifying times are extremely tough to ensure that only the very best of UK swimming talent gets through to the Olympic games. O'Connor tells us that the times have been made more strict this year compared to the previous olympic qualifying times for London 2012 and this will raise the bar for performances in the pool.

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Team Speedo 2016 Video - "The Winning Elements"

Speedo Dream TeamSpeedo have released a new video featuring some of the world's top swimmers in some of the world's best racing swimwear. The Team Speedo 2016 video is sure to get you pumped up for your next training session or competition. Fast paced and beautifully shot, the video has a dark theme with the hip-hop soundtrack building an atmosphere as the swimmers reach the pool and prepare to enter the water. The video builds to a crescendo when the swimmers enter the water...

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The New Michael Phelps XCEED Racing Goggles

Michael Phelps XCEEDThe new Michael Phelps XCEED goggles have just arrived through our doors. We're really excited to see everything that is coming from Phelps' swim brand, from the XPRESSO tech suits to his new colourful training swimwear collection, the Alpha Pro training fins and focus snorkel, we've seen a good variety of products from the brand already!

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