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Fin to Finish: Five Swim Fins to tighten your technique!

In this blog we will be having a look at five sets of fins that can help you tighten your technique!Arena Fins

It will include... 

  • Five different swim fins from major brands
  • How they can help transform your training sessions
  • What each fin can specifically help you work on!

So, if you were looking for a new way to transform the way you train, then look no further...

Fins are an essential part of training equipment, and this blog can help you decide which fin fits you!

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Time and Time Again: Top 4 Stopwatches for the Poolside

In this blog we will look at the top 4 stopwatches that can help your poolside timekeeping! Stopwatch Cover

We will look at... 

  • Four different stopwatches by different brands
  • What makes each stopwatch unique and which key features they have
  • Pictures of each stopwatch!
  • And other great pieces of equipment that can help you swim your best! 

These watches can help you and your coach keep time in a simpler way!

So, why wait to stop watching the time when the stopwatch can watch the time today?

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Workouts and Tips: Pairing Resistance and Tempo Training

Tempo Trainer ProWhen I think about the Tempo Trainer Pro, I think about what I call the “Holy Grail of Swim Coaching”, which in my opinion is knowing how many strokes you’re taking and how fast you’re taking them. After discussing this with hundreds of swim coaches over the years, I found little if any disagreement. That said, when coaches work on stroke counts they inevitably run into to the problem of needing to increase power.

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FINIS Introduces SwimEars - Keep Water Out, Let Sound In

FINIS SwimearsFINIS, Inc. a worldwide leader in technical swimming innovation, is excited to announce the launch of the SwimEars® watertight acoustic earplugs.These revolutionary earplugs are designed to let sound in and keep water out. The SwimEars® were originally designed by Christian Dittrich and his team at Ear Labs in Sweden. His team of specialists spent over 1,000 hours designing, developing and prototyping the product to create an innovative, new earplug.

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How to Use a Swimmer's Snorkel for Stroke Development (with videos)

Swim Snorkel Pro is the latest development on the more conventional Swim Snorkel. Designed for more experienced swimmers, its hydrodynamic design guarantees exceptional stability at high speeds. This feature not only allows you to maintain an efficient swimming technique, it also guarantees an efficient swimming style in workouts focusing on developing strength in the water.

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How to use fins to develop strength in the water!

Arena Swim FinsUsing fins is the best way to improve your technique, the flexibility of your hips and strength in your legs. Extremely short fins are generally used in the pool, both when practising a complete swim stroke or when training with a kickboard. Using fins allows you to accentuate your leg movement to work on your quads and hamstrings. Fins allow you to swim faster using the biggest muscle groups, which means you also develop your cardiovascular system...

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Arena Swim Keel. New Training Tool. A Heavy Float? (Video)

Arena Swim KeelThe Arena Swim Keel has arrived! An innovative swim training tool to try on your next trip to the pool. The key feature of the Arena Swim Keel is the shape and weighted bottom. The balance of weight and buoyancy makes for a more neutral buoyancy than a traditional kickboard or pull buoy, giving a different experience and allowing the swimmer to work on different areas of their stroke. Take a look at the video for the full breakdown of the features and advantages:

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Top 10 FINIS Swimming Products

FINIS Top 10Welcome to our list of the top 10 FINIS products at ProSwimwear. These products have all proved incredibly popular with our customers during the most recent months and have proven themselves to be good quality, trustworthy and reliable. FINIS are a market leader in swim training equipment and technical racing swimwear. They made their name with innovative training tools designed to help with stroke development.

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Make the Most of Every Swim - Discover the New FINIS Swimsense™ Live

Make the most of every swim with the Swimsense Live Bluetooth Swim Tracker! The new swimming gadget from FINIS is a waterproof fitness-tracking device that uses proprietary algorithms to record the most accurate swim workout data. The innovative swim workout tracking device straps to your wrist just like a watch, but it is so much more than that for swimmers that want to improve their stroke and get a little bit nerdy with their swimming statistics/data!

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New Junior Axis Buoy by FINIS!

FINIS Junior Axis BuoyThe FINIS Axis Buoy was released earlier this year, receiving glowing reviews from swimmers and coaches alike. The one piece of feedback that FINIS kept getting was that they should create a smaller version that would better fit junior swimmers. Well they've been listening to your feedback and we now have the Junior Axis Buoy! With all the same features as the adult version, but scaled down to suit the junior swimmers more comfortably.

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