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Which colour Swimming Goggle Lenses should I wear?

In this blog we will be helping you by answering the question 'What colour Swimming Goggle Lenses should I wear?' Goggles

We will be taking a look at...

  • The different colours of lens's available
  • What each lens does
  • What environment each lens thrives in 
  • Some helpful questions to help you make the important decision

So, don't feel stuck on what sort of Swim Goggles lense to choose!

You'll see your options more clearly after reading our blog! 

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How to Avoid Headaches While Swimming

zoggs swimwear

Have you ever had a headache caused by your swimming goggles? Many swimmers complain of head pain that come from wearing swim goggles, but this is just one of several causes of swimmers' headache.

Well, it's time this stopped! No swimmer should have to endure a banging head when they're enjoying a dip. It takes all the fun out of what should be a refreshing and invigorating sport or pastime.

So we've highlighted the most common causes of swimming headaches along with some simple tips on how to cure them.

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Lane Swimming for Fitness: Overcoming the Boredom of Repetition

If you ask former swimmers why they gave up on the sport, chances are you’ll hear something about the tediousness of working out in solitude, staring at the black line. It’s true that swimming doesn’t offer the distraction of changing scenery or the satisfaction of seeing a distant destination grow closer, but lap swim doesn’t have to be monotonous.

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How To Get Motivated For Swim Training

Staying motivated to train is always a challenge, and it's even harder if you're trying to push yourself as much as you can. You can find yourself feeling exhausted both physically and mentally, and the urge to slack off or even give up can be difficult to resist.

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How To Swim Faster Freestyle

Would you like to learn how to swim faster freestyle and get from one end of the pool to the other in the quickest time possible? Do you feel sluggish and slow as your body moves through the water at the moment? Then you just need to read this article and use some of the advice to improve your approach to the method. Don’t worry if you’re not exactly a swimming expert because the guidance below is straightforward and to the point. With any luck, you will see the results as soon as you next dive into the water. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even beat some of your friends the next time you race?

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The Benefits Of Resistance Swim Training

Whether you are training in a personal or a professional capacity, you want to make sure that you are doing so as effectively as possible. Effective training means that you are not wasting any time, and we could all do with a little more spare time in our daily lives. One particularly effective and efficient form of training for all athletes is resistance training. This comes in a variety of forms, but essentially it involves the act of pushing against some kind of artificial resistance which you have put into place. It can be a tough workout - but, of course, that is the whole point.

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How to Use a Swimmer's Snorkel for Stroke Development (with videos)

Swim Snorkel Pro is the latest development on the more conventional Swim Snorkel. Designed for more experienced swimmers, its hydrodynamic design guarantees exceptional stability at high speeds. This feature not only allows you to maintain an efficient swimming technique, it also guarantees an efficient swimming style in workouts focusing on developing strength in the water.

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Why is sleep important for swimmers?

Swimmers SleepAnyone who loves an active lifestyle will know that nutrition and training are essential aspects of a sports training plan. But what about sleep? How important is that? The completely neglected subject can have a significant impact on your athletic performance, positively or negatively. Take a look at your current sleeping regime and see if you can make improvements in this area and then see how your performance is affected in the pool and judge for yourself how much sleep is important to your performance.

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