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3 Tips For Choosing Your Next Tech Suit

Buying a tech suitIt's competition season again! Whether you're attending club, county, national competitive events, open meets or galas, there's never been a better time to talk about tech suits! There are two things that everyone starts talking about close to a meet, taper and tech suits. These are two aspects of racing that can be key to a swimmer's confidence.

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TYR Avictor Racing Suits - The Ultimate Advantage

Born out of a collaboration between the industry’s top experts and the world’s most elite swimmers, the Avictor is TYR’s fastest, most innovative technical swimsuit. Showcasing an unprecedented combination of advanced features, this FINA-approved technical suit maximizes performance and gives athletes the ultimate advantage over their rivals.

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Arena Launches New Tech Suits: The Arena Powerskin Carbon Ultra!

Arena Ultra Carbon SwimsuitYears of development has lead to the new Powerskin Carbon Ultra! Featuring new levels of support and movement management. The Carbon Ultra suits have a new internal structure which Arena are calling the “Ultra-Link System”. Through the connection of key muscle groups, plus the isolation of upper and lower body movements, the revolutionary new system works to increase efficiency and improve body position in the water.

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TYR Avictor Omaha Nights - Maximise your performance and look good whilst you're winning!

TYR Avictor Omaha NightsToday we received a very special shipment of tech suits from our friends at TYR. The “Omaha Nights” FINA approved jammers and kneeskin are the latest edition of TYR's popular Avictor racing swimsuit. Previously only available to our American cousins, the Omaha Nights version of the TYR Avictor suit delivers all the performance you've come to expect from America's favourite swim brand, with a splash of extra style! The swimsuits feature a cosmic/night sky design and are available in two styles. One design is predominantly blue, the other predominately black, and they're being sold exclusively at ProSwimwear in the UK!

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"Fuse" - The New Tech Suit From FINIS Promises High Performance at a Low Price

Finis Fuse Jammers BlueThe "Fuse" tech suit is the latest FINA approved racing swimsuit to come out of the FINIS stroke labs in California. The write-ups promise a high quality product at an affordable price and I must admit I was impressed on the first occasion of handling one of these new swimsuits. My initial reaction to the suits is that they do indeed appear to be of a very high quality and robust construction. They do feel like the kind of quality that you would expect from much higher priced suits and along with that the material, strategic lining and stretch properties mean that they're really comfy to wear

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What are you Racing in? Discover the Most Popular Performance Swimming Products at ProSwimwear

Performance SwimwearFINA approved swimsuits are developed with a focus on speed as a priority. The suits have compression built in to support your muscles when they're working at their hardest and they're often created with water repellent properties to keep them as lightweight as possible and help you to cut through the water like a knife through....water. Read on for a run-down of the most popular racing costumes at ProSwimwear!

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