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GOING FOR GOLD: Top 5 Racing Suits of 2019

In this blog we will be looking at the Top 5 Racing Suits of 2019! Top 5 Cover

This blog will include: 

  • Some of the incredible features of these Racing Suits!
  • Some of swimwear's biggest brands 
  • An insight into why each of these suits stand out
  • Other product information that can complete your competing look!

So, to see our Top 5 Racing Suits look no further!

You may just find the suit that takes you to the top of the podium! 

Available now at ProSwimwear! 

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Top of the Podium: The Best 5 Girls Swimming Costumes of 2019

In this blog we will be looking at the best 5 Girl's Swimming Costumes of 2019! Arena Girl Top Swimming Costumes 2019

This blog will include: 

  • Key features about each suit
  • Big brands such as Nike and Speedo 
  • An in-depth examination at 5 Girl's Swimming Costumes
  • Products we think are the best of the best! 

So, if you want to see some of the Girl's Swimming Costume highlights from 2019 look no further!

All available now at ProSwimwear! 

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Why Should I Buy Chlorine Resistant Swimwear?

Amanzi SwimwearWhen you get serious about your swimming you've got to get serious about your swimwear too. Do you pay enough attention to what materials your swimming costume is made from before buying a new suit? If you were splashing out a few hundred of your hard earned pounds on a racing suit then sure, you would do all the research possible before making that purchase, but what about when it comes to your swimwear for training sessions?

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New Zoggs Swimwear For 2016 (With Lifetime Guarantee)

AqualastThe first new range of the year has arrived and it's a colourful, chlorine resistant carnival of swimwear from Zoggs! Fresh on our website today and available for fast delivery to the UK and worldwide! We have a mix of colourful swimming costumes made from Zoggs hydro-life and Aqualast materials. All Zoggs Aqualast swimsuits come with a lifetime guarantee, provided you stick to the care guidelines! Check out these photos from the latest swimwear collection...

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Three Tips For Buying Body-Shaping Swimwear

aq-anikaIf you’re a little self conscious about going to the pool but want to get back in to swimming for fitness (or for leisure) then my best advice is to try some “body shaping” or “body sculpture” swimwear. Swimsuit companies spend thousands of pounds every year researching and developing new ways to make us feel more confident in our swimsuits. If you know what you’re looking for then you can get yourself a swimsuit that flatters your shape, accentuates the right areas, and helps with those areas that you’re not too keen on so that you can forget your worries and swim with confidence!

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New Speedo Training Swimwear. Worn by Jazz, Missy, Siobhan and Steph.

Speedo Swimwear 2016Pictured are elite swimmers Siobhan Marie O'Connor, Missy Franklin, Jazz Carlin and Steph Slater who are all sporting the latest swimwear prints from Speedo. We've just received the new swimming costumes, and they're now on sale in our "New Speedo Collection" category. All four athletes were also involved in this week's launch of the new 2016 Speedo LZR Racer X.

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"Fuse" - The New Tech Suit From FINIS Promises High Performance at a Low Price

Finis Fuse Jammers BlueThe "Fuse" tech suit is the latest FINA approved racing swimsuit to come out of the FINIS stroke labs in California. The write-ups promise a high quality product at an affordable price and I must admit I was impressed on the first occasion of handling one of these new swimsuits. My initial reaction to the suits is that they do indeed appear to be of a very high quality and robust construction. They do feel like the kind of quality that you would expect from much higher priced suits and along with that the material, strategic lining and stretch properties mean that they're really comfy to wear

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Ras Swimwear - New To The UK

Ras Swimwear  Swimming Drills  What do you want from your swimwear? Your priorities may be comfort, fit, feel, colour, lining, leg height or a number of other factors! In my experience, most fitness or club swimmers are looking for a stylish and comfortable swimming costume that they'll be able to get a lot of use out of. It's no good if your beautiful new swimsuit starts to fade and go baggy after a few swims! Perhaps it wasn't such a good quality swimming costume after all?

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The New Speedo Junior Fastskin Endurance+ Racing Swimsuits Are Here!

Speedo Fastskin SwimwearWhen youngsters are starting out in their first competitions, at some point down the line they'll probably start looking at racing swimsuits. For any competition beyond their friendly club atmosphere they'll require a FINA approved swimming costume. The "FINA Approved" mark signifies that the swimwear has been tested, and adheres to the rules laid down by the governing body of swimming.

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New Fashion Prints From Amanzi Swimwear

Amanzi Swimwear    We’ve just received the new Autumn/Winter swimwear collection at ProSwimwear titled “High Summer”. You may think it a little confusing to have an Autumn/Winter collection titled “High Summer” but all becomes clear when you know that Amanzi originates from Australia, where they’ll be just about start their Summer season, at the same time we in the northern hemisphere begin our Winter.

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