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How to Use a Swimmer's Snorkel for Stroke Development (with videos)

Swim Snorkel Pro is the latest development on the more conventional Swim Snorkel. Designed for more experienced swimmers, its hydrodynamic design guarantees exceptional stability at high speeds. This feature not only allows you to maintain an efficient swimming technique, it also guarantees an efficient swimming style in workouts focusing on developing strength in the water.

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The Michael Phelps 'Focus' Snorkel (With video)

MP Focus SnorkelCheck out this video featuring Michael Phelps and coach Bob Bowman explaining the advantages of training with the MP 'Focus' Snorkel. Centre snorkels are a great training tool for intermediate to advanced swimmers. There is something to be said about the advantages of developing your breath control and breathing muscles (intercostal). The snorkel provides a degree of resistance, meaning that every time you breathe out you're training your lungs, and all the muscles that help with breathing, to be stronger/better than they were before.

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