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Arena Carbon Ultra Swimsuits - Technical Specification

Arena Powerskin Carbon UltraIn 2012 the Powerskin Carbon-Pro revolutionized the design and manufacture of racing swimwear by integrating a carbon fibre cage into the suit's woven fabric, adding a whole new dimension to the concept of compression by maximizing support and control when and where it's needed. This concept of Intelligent Compression was the bedrock on which the new Powerskin Carbon series was built, and subsequent releases retained it as a fundamental feature, adapting the technology to the needs of every swimmer with the Carbon-Flex (2014), and the fabric and carbon configuration in the case of the Carbon-Air (2015).

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The New Speedo Junior Fastskin Endurance+ Racing Swimsuits Are Here!

Speedo Fastskin SwimwearWhen youngsters are starting out in their first competitions, at some point down the line they'll probably start looking at racing swimsuits. For any competition beyond their friendly club atmosphere they'll require a FINA approved swimming costume. The "FINA Approved" mark signifies that the swimwear has been tested, and adheres to the rules laid down by the governing body of swimming.

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What are you Racing in? Discover the Most Popular Performance Swimming Products at ProSwimwear

Performance SwimwearFINA approved swimsuits are developed with a focus on speed as a priority. The suits have compression built in to support your muscles when they're working at their hardest and they're often created with water repellent properties to keep them as lightweight as possible and help you to cut through the water like a knife through....water. Read on for a run-down of the most popular racing costumes at ProSwimwear!

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The National Arena Swimming League

Arena Swim leagueThe National Arena Swimming League is on again for another season. With round 2 just around the corner, we're shining a spotlight on the national swimming league. So, what does the National Arena Swimming League involve, you might be asking?

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Competitive Swimming Guide by Speedo

Speedo Racing TipsThe beauty of swimming is that everyone can get involved. No matter what your age or skill level, there’s always an opportunity to start swimming competitively. Whether you have your local pool in mind, or even a lake, river or ocean swim, you’ll find a wealth of competitive swimming races, events and distances to suit your fitness ability.

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