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The Benefits of Thermal Wetsuits

In this blog we will be looking at the benefits of thermal wetsuits! Blueseventy Thermal Wetsuit

We will be looking at... 

  • Why thermal wetsuits are important in cold water swimming
  • How to find the right wetsuit for your swim 
  • An example of a great thermal wetsuit 
  • The features of a thermal wetsuit 

Cold-water swimming can be fun, but it's important to swim smart and safe! 

Read more about it in the blog! 

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Putting the Action into Reaction: Blueseventy’s Reaction Wetsuit

In this blog we will be taking an inside look at the Blueseventy Reaction Wetsuit! BS3

This will include... 

  • A little bit about Blueseventy  
  • The main features of the suit 
  • What hi-tech features make the suit stand out

So, if you want to find out more about one of the most hi-tech wetsuits around look no further!

Available now at ProSwimwear! 

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Swimmer, Survivor, Hero: Sarah Thomas sets Channel Swimming Record!

NEWS ALERT: Sarah Thomas sets a new English Channel Swimming Record with four laps! Sarah Thomas

Heroic Sarah Thomas is a seasoned open-water swimmer and a cancer survivor. 

And now, she is the first person EVER to have completed four laps of the English Channel! 

This is a journey that you won't want to miss!

Read on to find out about Sarah, her incredible journey and her awe-inspiring swim! 

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A Shore Guide To Swim Safety: The Swim Secure Starter Kit

In this blog post you get a look into the Swim Secure starter pack, available at ProSwimwear.Swim Secure Starter Pack

This is an excellent starter pack for those getting into open water swimming. It contains everything you need to swim safely! 

It includes products such as:

-A Tow Float

-Bubble Hat

-Kit Bag

And more! Read on to discover more about this starter pack, and what else Swim Secure can offer you and your journey into open water swimming. 

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How To Find The Perfect Orca Wetsuit For You!

Orca are established outdoor swimming experts, specialising in wetsuits for triathlon, open water and swim run competitions.Orca Wetsuits

Here we take a closer look at Orca’s useful ‘Swim Scale’ guide to finding the perfect Orca wetsuit to aid and improve your swim style!

These are broken down into:

-          Natural Swimmer

-          Total Swimmer

-          Progressive Swimmer

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Buying A Triathlon Wetsuit.

Phantom Triathlon WetsuitBritish waters are a tad chilly even in the summer time, If you're planning on entering a triathlon this year it's a good idea to get yourself a triathlon wetsuit. If this is your first triathlon, you may be wondering which type of wetsuit to go for. If you can afford to get yourself a proper triathlon wetsuit then it will pay dividends in your training, and on race day!

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TYR Hurricane Freak Of Nature - The Ultimate Triathlon Wetsuit

TYR Triathlon WetsuitTYR believe in the power of technology to enable triathletes to achieve their full potential. In their history of technological firsts, the Hurricane Freak of Nature Wetsuit is TYR's most advanced accomplishment. The Hurricane Freak of Nature is a wetsuit conceived and engineered free of restraints and presumptions. They've thrown away everything that has limited the wetsuit in the past, focused on the outer reaches of what might be possible and then went a little further. The Freak of Nature wetsuit has been tested and refined repeatedly, until TYR knew they had something incredible!

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Blue Seventy Helix Wetsuit - Technologies and Advantages

Helix Triathlon WetsuitThe 4th generation of the Helix wetsuit is the culmination of years of testing and research: it's blueseventy's finest suit ever. Made from meticulously sourced materials and countless prototypes, this is their most flexible and comfortable wetsuit yet. Proprietary TST panels provide unparalleled upper body flexibility while thick 5mm Yamomoto Aerodome rubber delivers a higher body position in the water. Paired with quick exit legs, a reverse zipper and body fit panels; the Helix fits like a second skin and is quicker through T1!

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FINA Rushes Through New Rules for Wearing Wetsuits in Olympic Open Water Swimming Marathon

Open Water SwimmersFINA, the international governing body of swimming, are considering draft rules on the legalities of wearing wetsuits at the Rio 2016 Olympic games open-water events. The chairman of the FINA Swimsuit Approval Commission has been asked to draw up draft rules for the wearing of neoprene wetsuits in Open Water competitions where the water temperatures are likely to be below 18ºC-20ºC.

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Why You Should Use Anti-Chafing Balm For Open Water Swimming

chafeOne problem that sea swimmers complain of again and again is chafing. Swimming in salt water is a whole different game to swimming in a chlorinated pool, or indeed fresh water. If you're going to be undertaking any marathon swims, or perhaps you have your sights set on swimming the British Channel, then pay close attention this could save you some serious soreness!

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Heather Plans to Follow in the Footsteps of Female Open Water Swimming Pioneer in Ocean Swim from Donegal to Portstewart

Port StewartA wife and mother from Portstewart has given herself the challenge of swimming more than 13 miles in open water from County Donegal in the Republic of Ireland to the town of Portstewart in Northern Ireland. Heather Clatworthy plans to fulfill a lifelong dream with her long distance sea swim this summer, as well as fundraising for the RNLI and the Portstewart Outdoor Recreation Fund. Heather wants to raise £1000 with her endurance challenge this July but admits that the main focus is simply finishing the gruelling ocean swim...

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