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How Swimming Promotes A Healthy Body And A Healthy Mind

In this blog we are going to be talking about four ways in which swimming brings promotes a healtjy body and mind! Speedo Model

We will talk about... 

  • Four of the things that swimming gives us!
  • How they help promote a healthy body and mind
  • And what it means to have swimming in our lives!

We're appreciating swimming this week in all of its different formats! 

Read more to find out what we love about swimming, and how it promotes healthiness in our lives. 

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Swimming for Fitness: A Post-Swim Recovery Guide

In this blog we will be looking at some of the things you should be doing post-swimming for fitness! Post Workout

In this Recovery Guide we will talk about: 

  • How long after your workout you should be doing each stage of recovery
  • What is important to revitalise your body after a water workout
  • Why doing each of these things is essential!

So, don't let your next workout go without Recovery!

Read now to find out more! 

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How to Prevent Swimmer's Ear

Here's some advice from Swim Seal consultant ENT specialist, Dr Peter Desmarais! All people need some protection from the effects of water in the ear. Any other mammal that spends time in water with any regularity has “built-in protection”. The whale has a permanent plug and animals like seals, badgers, polar bears etc, close off their ear canal using little muscles around the ear.

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