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Fin to Finish: Five Swim Fins to tighten your technique!

In this blog we will be having a look at five sets of fins that can help you tighten your technique!Arena Fins

It will include... 

  • Five different swim fins from major brands
  • How they can help transform your training sessions
  • What each fin can specifically help you work on!

So, if you were looking for a new way to transform the way you train, then look no further...

Fins are an essential part of training equipment, and this blog can help you decide which fin fits you!

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New FINIS Edge Fins

FINIS Edge FinsThe FINIS Edge Fins have arrived! The new training tool from FINIS brings new possibilities to your swim training, revolutionizing the design and benefits of swim training fins! We're lucky enough to have had an advanced delivery arrive to our warehouse before most other retailers and there's ;imited stock available now on our website! If you're quick you can be one of the first to try a pair of the new swim fins.

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Change Up Your Kicking Sets (Swim Drills)

Swim DrillsIf your kick sets are getting a little bit boring then why not liven things up with some of these fresh ideas? During your swim training sessions you might find that the drills/workout plan you're following gets a little repetitive week after week and this can lead to a loss of interest and sometimes loss of motivation! To keep things interesting it's a good idea to add some variety to your swimming sessions. Put away your kickboard and try some of these other kicking drills instead...

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Letter From a U.S Masters Swimmer - FINIS Edge Fins

FINIS EdgeI had a great workout today with the fins.  It has gotten to the point I don’t want to take them off.  I confirmed my subjective thoughts and instincts with one of my coaches who affirmed that what I felt occurring was in fact what he saw happening.  I am referring to one of the most significant aspects of the use of this fin which is that, without any intended effort, the legs are clearly automatically, 1 kicking from the hip, and 2 the ankles are extending with no intend to extend them. As a  result, a higher body ride is achieved. There is good energy generated by this fin, and yet it isn’t unduly stiff.

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Put Your Fins To The Test

FINIS Edge FinsDesigned to gauge speed and overall exertion, the following set was tested on hundreds of swimmers around the world. Over time, the extensive research led to the resulting combination of blade angle and hydrodynamic vents make the Edge fins the fastest and most technically sound fins on the market.

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