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One for all and all for Akron: The Viper Racing Suit is Performance Swimwear Perfection!

In this blog we will take an inside look at the incredible Viper Racing Suit by Akron! Akron Viper Female

We take a look at... 

  • A brief look at Akron 
  • What features their incredible designs have that make them the best racing suits
  • And other products from Akron that will shape the way you swim 

So read on and visit ProSwimwear to be a part of this game-changing swimwear today! 

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Speedo Fastskin Endurance+ Race Suits: A Perfect Suit for Junior Swimmers!

In this blog post we will be looking at the Speedo Fastskin Endurance+ Race Suits available now at ProSwimwear! Speedo Logo

These suits are perfect for junior athletes! This blog post gives you a look into:

-A brief history of Speedo

-The incredible abilities of the suits in this collection

-And a glance into some other incredible Speedo and Speedo junior products

So, if you are looking for some of the best quality Junior swimwear around then look no further!

Take a read of the blog to find out more! 

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Junior Swimming World Exclusive: ProSwimwear to Release New Speedo Fastskin Endurance+ Range!

In this blog you'll get an EXCLUSIVE insight into Speedo's new Fastskin Endurance+ Range!Speedo World Exclusive

We are very excited about this launch, and we are inviting you into a look inside a the World Exclusive only at ProSwimwear.

You'll learn... 

-When the release is

-What will be different about this new rnge

-And what's to come next! 

Read more to get the exclusive on the exclusive! This new range is going to change the look of Junior swimming as we know it,. 

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Introducing the Jaked J-Keel Racing Swimsuits

JKeel Kneeskin OrangeJaked came into the swimwear market in the age of bodysuits, that time before 2010 when full-length swimsuits were still allowed under FINA regulations. The Jaked J01 was arguably the fastest speedsuit of it's time and helped make a reputation for the Italian competitive swim brand. The FINA rule changes meaning that mens swimsuits had to end above the knee / below the navel, and womens suits had to end above the knee. Jaked have been developing their range of racing suits each year, improving their designs and refining their ideas.

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Maru Pro T - The Fast and Affordable Racing Swimsuit

Maru Pro T Ladies SwimsuitThe Pro T racing suit has been gracing our swimming pools at club events and competitions for a few years now. Maru are constantly updating their designs to move with the latest swimwear technologies and materials, so almost every year we see a new improved version of their flagship racing suit. The Pro T has a water repellent coating and provides the swimmer with a decent amount of compression in targeted zones. The material is 50% thinner than most training suits, ensuring it stays lightweight and fast in the water.

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Diana Submarine Poseidon Tech Suits – Inspired by Nature

Diana Poseidon SwimwearIf you're looking a more unconventional tech-suit then turn your eyes towards the Diana Poseidon. If you're tired of seeing Speedo Lzr's and Arena Carbon Flex's then you might want to give these a go. The suits have all the technical racing aspects that you would expect from any competitive swimsuit. Compression, panelled construction and bonded seams come as standard. But what really makes them stand out from the crowd is the specially textured surface of the material.

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Blueseventy r10 - The Fastest Swimsuit Ever?

blueseventy r10 swimsuitWhen blueseventy started making competition pool suits in 2008, they didn’t set out to make just another race suit. They wanted to apply their expertise in technical product design to build a race suit that was uniquely different and performed exceptionally well. Just like the nero comp rocked the world by introducing completely new fabrics to the pool, the all-new r10 competition suits follow in that tradition. It is built with some of the most advanced and compressive fabrics available, and introduces the double layering of fabrics that has not previously been legal for competition swimming.

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Competitive Swimming Guide by Speedo

Speedo Racing TipsThe beauty of swimming is that everyone can get involved. No matter what your age or skill level, there’s always an opportunity to start swimming competitively. Whether you have your local pool in mind, or even a lake, river or ocean swim, you’ll find a wealth of competitive swimming races, events and distances to suit your fitness ability.

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