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Level X – The New Virtual Swimming Competition introduced by Swim England

Introducing Level X: The new virtual swimming competition! 

Swim England is introducing a new way to for swim clubs to virtually compete! 

In this blog we will tell you... 

  • What exactlty Level X is
  • Who the first clubs competing are going to be
  • How it's taking place
  • How it's scored
  • And what comes next for virtual swimming! 

We will be updating you on the latest Level X news throughout this exciting new journey!

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The International Swimming League Returns for Season 2!

ISL In this blog we will be discussing the return of the International Swimming League! 

The International Swimming sensation returns for season 2!

We will discuss: 

  • How the ISL is making it's return 
  • What will be happening to ensure safety during the current global pandemic
  • Who will be making their return to the starting blocks
  • And everything else you need to know about it's return! 


This is an exciting event for the Swimming Community! 

We can't wait to see what this season unfolds! 

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Rob’s Arena League Round Up: Round 2

In this blog Rob from team ProSwimwear talks about his experience in the Arena League! Rob

This blog will include... 

  • A Q and A with Rob
  • He talks about what the first round was like
  • And what we can expect in the second round of the Arena League!

Read more to get an inside look at the Arena League!

Thanks to Rob from Team ProSwimwear, and good luck to everyone competing in the up and coming events! 

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RESULTS: The Kona IRONMAN World Championships 2019

NEWS ALERT: The results from the IRONMAN World Championships 2019 are in! Ironman World Champs 2019

In this blog we will be talking about... 

  • The Winners of the event
  • The journey to victory  
  • What one of the toughest atheltic feats had instore for the competitors

This is the moment we have all been waiting for... the results of the IRONMAN World Champs 2019!

We say a HUGE congratulation to every single participant! 

Read more here about the event! 

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One for all and all for Akron: The Viper Racing Suit is Performance Swimwear Perfection!

In this blog we will take an inside look at the incredible Viper Racing Suit by Akron! Akron Viper Female

We take a look at... 

  • A brief look at Akron 
  • What features their incredible designs have that make them the best racing suits
  • And other products from Akron that will shape the way you swim 

So read on and visit ProSwimwear to be a part of this game-changing swimwear today! 

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A Hi-Tech Triathlon Treasure: The Ultimate IPS Wetsuit by Sailfish

In this blog post you get an in-depth look at the Ultimate IPS Wetsuit by Sailfish!Sailfish

We will be loooking at... 

  • The incredible Sailfish company
  • The outstanding features of the Wetsuit
  • Other great products for your next triathlon or swim! 

Read more to get an inside look at this range available now at ProSwimwear! 

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Triathlon Focus: The New Zoot Ultra Tri Suit Range

Zoot Ultra Tri SuitsIn this blog post, we take a look at the latest Zoot Ultra Tri Suit Collection, available at ProSwimwear.

This addition to our collection is available as a Men's and Women's tri suit, tri top or tri short loaded with great features including:

 - DRAGZERO Carbon Fabric

 - Chamois Development

 - Competitive Construction

 Read on to discover more about Zoot's new fine tuned Ultra triathlon suit! 

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Introducing the Jaked J-Keel Racing Swimsuits

JKeel Kneeskin OrangeJaked came into the swimwear market in the age of bodysuits, that time before 2010 when full-length swimsuits were still allowed under FINA regulations. The Jaked J01 was arguably the fastest speedsuit of it's time and helped make a reputation for the Italian competitive swim brand. The FINA rule changes meaning that mens swimsuits had to end above the knee / below the navel, and womens suits had to end above the knee. Jaked have been developing their range of racing suits each year, improving their designs and refining their ideas.

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Arena Carbon Ultra Swimsuits - Technical Specification

Arena Powerskin Carbon UltraIn 2012 the Powerskin Carbon-Pro revolutionized the design and manufacture of racing swimwear by integrating a carbon fibre cage into the suit's woven fabric, adding a whole new dimension to the concept of compression by maximizing support and control when and where it's needed. This concept of Intelligent Compression was the bedrock on which the new Powerskin Carbon series was built, and subsequent releases retained it as a fundamental feature, adapting the technology to the needs of every swimmer with the Carbon-Flex (2014), and the fabric and carbon configuration in the case of the Carbon-Air (2015).

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Maru Pro T - The Fast and Affordable Racing Swimsuit

Maru Pro T Ladies SwimsuitThe Pro T racing suit has been gracing our swimming pools at club events and competitions for a few years now. Maru are constantly updating their designs to move with the latest swimwear technologies and materials, so almost every year we see a new improved version of their flagship racing suit. The Pro T has a water repellent coating and provides the swimmer with a decent amount of compression in targeted zones. The material is 50% thinner than most training suits, ensuring it stays lightweight and fast in the water.

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World medallists Guy, Carlin and Mears appointed official London 2016 ambassadors

Aquatics Championships 2016Three of the biggest names in aquatics James Guy, Jazmin Carlin and Chris Mears have been appointed as official ambassadors of the London 2016LEN European Aquatics Championships with less than two months to go to the historic event. Swimmers Guy and Carlin and diver Mears all enjoyed arguably the best year of their careers to date in 2015 following what was a record breaking FINA World Aquatics Championships for Britain in Kazan in August.

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Exeter Swimming Club Enjoy Success at County Championships

Devon County Championships 2016Exeter Swimming Club brought back an impressive haul of medals from the first round of the Devon County Championships recently. The first round took place on the weekend of the 16th/17th of January and the competition continues this coming weekend (30th/31st). The Plymouth Life Centre played host to the age group championships, where swimmers from clubs all over the region come together to test their racing skills in a competitive environment.

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TYR Avictor Omaha Nights - Maximise your performance and look good whilst you're winning!

TYR Avictor Omaha NightsToday we received a very special shipment of tech suits from our friends at TYR. The “Omaha Nights” FINA approved jammers and kneeskin are the latest edition of TYR's popular Avictor racing swimsuit. Previously only available to our American cousins, the Omaha Nights version of the TYR Avictor suit delivers all the performance you've come to expect from America's favourite swim brand, with a splash of extra style! The swimsuits feature a cosmic/night sky design and are available in two styles. One design is predominantly blue, the other predominately black, and they're being sold exclusively at ProSwimwear in the UK!

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