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4 Reasons To Thank Our Volunteer Swim Coaches - Swimming World Magazine

Swimming ClubThis article from swimming world magazine offers four reasons to thank our volunteer swim coaches. The article was was written about volunteer coaches in the USA but UK swimmers will also be able to identify with the points raised. It's nice to see that all over the world there are volunteers on poolside passing on their experience to other swimmers through a passion for the sport.

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10 Life Lessons Every Age Group Coach Should Teach

swimming coach   Swimming is a journey. That journey will be filled with success and failure.  It will be filled with joy and sadness.  It will be filled with moments that are easy and moments that are hard.  Swimming presents the opportunity for children to learn how to navigate these ups and downs in a healthy and productive way.

Teach swimmers to smell the roses, enjoy their experiences, and value them in and of themselves.  Every experience has value.

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