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What Is Chlorine Irritation & How Can It Affect You?

SwimmerIn this blog we will be talking about Chlorine Irritation, and how does it affect you? 

We will talk about... 

  • When chlorine is used
  • What problems it can cause
  • How to spot the signs of chlorine irritation
  • What some of the preventative measures are

We discuss what chlorine irritation is, and some of the effects. 

Remember to always get help if any chlorine irritation bothers you for prolonged periods of time!

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5 Confessions of a Swim Parent

In this blog we will be taking a look at 5 Confessions of a Swim Parent... Swim Parent

This blog will include... 

  • The things that ALL Swim Parent Know
  • The thoughts that sometimes can't help but be thought...
  • The realities of being a swim parent! 

Read more to find out! 

All Swim Parents have these confessions... can you relate? 

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Swimmers - This Is Why You Should Be Using Chlorine Removal Spray!

SwimsprayProblem: Chlorine (bleach) is extremely difficult to wash off the human body. Why? - Because it chemically bonds to the body's proteins. From a chemical standpoint the exterior of the human body (eg. Hair, skin and nails) is made from proteins. All proteins are made from amino groups, which have nitrogen atoms, also called amines. Bleach chemically reacts with amines, forming a layer of chlormaines which is chemically bonded to the human body. Experts in sanitation refer to this layer of chloramines as “chlorine cover”.

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Measuring "Dominance" In Swimming

SwimSpray SwimmerWhat does it mean to dominate a competition? Not just winning the competition. But winning by a lot -- in other words "crushing" or "demolishing" the field. By how much did the winner win? Was it a close race? Or was it a blowout? Here people often look at the margin of victory -- the difference (in score or time) between the winner and the loser.

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