How to stay a swimmer when swimming is not an option

How to stay a swimmer when swimming isn’t an option

Swimming is not always an option for everyone, as not everyone is situated near a swimming pool, or open water so sometimes swimming can be next to impossible to do. 

Try open water swimming! Along with a new experience, you can continue your regular exercise training routine and it can even help to improve mental health. It also allows you to have social interaction with fellow swimmers and allows you to do something active! 

If you swim often, do regular dryland training to keep strengthening your muscles. Try out different arm exercises and bodyweight exercises at home to target your muscle strength and your endurance.

Try cold showers or baths. Many swimmers swear by this, challenging yourself to do something potentially unpleasant involving water and overcoming your reluctance to get cold can give yourself a similar mental boost to a swim. Some swimmers even put ice baths in their showers.

You can also look at content related to swimming! Read books and magazines, listen to podcasts and watch films or documentaries on swimming. Content can help to inspire ideas for your own challenges and adventures once you get back into the water and can help you gain more information in areas you may not have understood properly. Have fun and learn. Make a plan of these challenges you wish to do and it should help spark the motivation once you return to the water.

Lastly, don’t worry too much! If you have to take a break because of work, traveling, or injuries, you can bounce back to swimming! While it can take time to recover your fitness, it will come back. You don’t forget how to swim. You may need to tune up your skills and technique, but they’ll still be there once you get back in the water. Be excited to return to the water! You’re still a swimmer, even if you can’t swim currently, you will be able to return shortly!

In the meantime, you could also take a look at our website for training aids and swimming costumes for when you return to the water

Which colour Swimming Goggle Lenses should I wear?

In this blog we will be helping you by answering the question 'What colour Swimming Goggle Lenses should I wear?' Goggles

We will be taking a look at...

  • The different colours of lens's available
  • What each lens does
  • What environment each lens thrives in 
  • Some helpful questions to help you make the important decision

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How to Avoid Headaches While Swimming

zoggs swimwear

Have you ever had a headache caused by your swimming goggles? Many swimmers complain of head pain that come from wearing swim goggles, but this is just one of several causes of swimmers' headache.

Well, it's time this stopped! No swimmer should have to endure a banging head when they're enjoying a dip. It takes all the fun out of what should be a refreshing and invigorating sport or pastime.

So we've highlighted the most common causes of swimming headaches along with some simple tips on how to cure them.

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Lane Swimming for Fitness: Overcoming the Boredom of Repetition

If you ask former swimmers why they gave up on the sport, chances are you’ll hear something about the tediousness of working out in solitude, staring at the black line. It’s true that swimming doesn’t offer the distraction of changing scenery or the satisfaction of seeing a distant destination grow closer, but lap swim doesn’t have to be monotonous.

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How To Get Motivated For Swim Training

Staying motivated to train is always a challenge, and it's even harder if you're trying to push yourself as much as you can. You can find yourself feeling exhausted both physically and mentally, and the urge to slack off or even give up can be difficult to resist.

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How To Use A Kickboard

Finis alignment kickboardSeems simple doesn't it? Well it may not be as simple as you think. There are correct and incorrect ways to hold a standard kickboard. New swimmers may be tempted to grab the sides of their kick board with bent arms and push downward to try and achieve more buoyancy, this is wrong, don't do this. You'll find you can't do any substantial kicking/swimming like this anyway.

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How to Use a Swimmer's Snorkel for Stroke Development (with videos)

Swim Snorkel Pro is the latest development on the more conventional Swim Snorkel. Designed for more experienced swimmers, its hydrodynamic design guarantees exceptional stability at high speeds. This feature not only allows you to maintain an efficient swimming technique, it also guarantees an efficient swimming style in workouts focusing on developing strength in the water.

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Why is sleep important for swimmers?

Swimmers SleepAnyone who loves an active lifestyle will know that nutrition and training are essential aspects of a sports training plan. But what about sleep? How important is that? The completely neglected subject can have a significant impact on your athletic performance, positively or negatively. Take a look at your current sleeping regime and see if you can make improvements in this area and then see how your performance is affected in the pool and judge for yourself how much sleep is important to your performance.

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Why Should I Use Positive Drive Fins?

FINIS Positive Drive FinsThe Positive Drive Fins are unique from any other short blade fin in your gear bag, they allow you to complete a perfectly legal Breaststroke kick while you are wearing them. This gives the coach and swimmer a ton of flexibility in their workouts. Now it is possible to implement the explosive training power of fins right into a standard IM or breaststroke set.

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Pulling Two Ways With the Axis Buoy

The Axis Buoy has been out in the world for quite some time now, but we’re still finding new ways to use it! Most recently, we’ve been using the Axis Buoy at the ankles and legs within the same set. We like this method because it prevents lulls in distance or endurance training.

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How To Improve Your Swim Technique With A Training Snorkel

mad-wave-snorkel-swimmerThe frontal, or centre snorkel is considered an essential piece of training equipment by swim coaches. Whatever your level of proficiency in swimming, a frontal snorkel can help you achieve your goals and move your swimming forward. One of the main reasons a training snorkel helps swimmers to improve their technique is because of the constant supply of air that the swimmer receives.

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Five Ways to Speed Up Your Swim

butterfly_positioning_4Lap swimming and cardio fitness will only get you so far in the pool. To really smash your PB, you’ve got to think technique, training aids and swim drills. Here are our top five tips and training equipment picks for a faster, more efficient swim…

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New FINIS Edge Fins

FINIS Edge FinsThe FINIS Edge Fins have arrived! The new training tool from FINIS brings new possibilities to your swim training, revolutionizing the design and benefits of swim training fins! We're lucky enough to have had an advanced delivery arrive to our warehouse before most other retailers and there's ;imited stock available now on our website! If you're quick you can be one of the first to try a pair of the new swim fins.

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How to use fins to develop strength in the water!

Arena Swim FinsUsing fins is the best way to improve your technique, the flexibility of your hips and strength in your legs. Extremely short fins are generally used in the pool, both when practising a complete swim stroke or when training with a kickboard. Using fins allows you to accentuate your leg movement to work on your quads and hamstrings. Fins allow you to swim faster using the biggest muscle groups, which means you also develop your cardiovascular system...

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Swimming Endurance: How to swim further, faster!

Speedo FitnessDiscover the stamina-building training tips that will enable you to swim further and faster, as former World Champion swimmer and gold medallist, Karen Pickering MBE, shares the endurance tips gleaned during twenty years representing Britain at senior level. Invest in a swimming lesson. Improving your technique is the easiest way to swim faster and further, so consider having a professional swimming lesson.

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Ten Tips To Help You Stick To Your Swim Fitness Plan

Do you swim length after length at your local pool and feel that you've stopped improving? You may need to analyse what exactly you're doing in the pool during your training sessions in order to make better progress. It's not enough to train hard, you have to train smart! Read our top ten swim training tips to help you stick to your training plan and achieve your goals.

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