The Missing Ingredient - Swimming Nutrition with Steph Saulo

 Swimmers Nutrition

Today we're shining a spotlight on nutrition for swimmers. This excellent podcast from Effortless Swimming focuses on swimming nutrition.

Steph Saullo empowers people to learn how to make the best nutrition-based choices for themselves and their goals. Her professional and academic credentials include a master’s degree in food and nutrition and Registered Dietitian.

In this podcast from, nutritionist Steph Saullo empowers swimmers to learn how to use nutrition to help them reach their goals. She is a registered Dietitian with a master's degree in food and nutrition.

In the podcast Steph talks us through:

Nutrition fundamentals that every athlete should know.

Misconceptions about food and nutrition.

Real life studies from athletes that Steph has worked with.

What type of athlete needs a personal plan from a nutritionist and how is it beneficial?

Dietary supplements and which type of athletes should take them.

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