Which colour Swimming Goggle Lenses should I wear?

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Swimming Goggles are the underwater world’s greatest device. They have allowed us to elevate swimming to great lengths. They have existed in their various formats for tens of years, becoming more and more technologically developed and advanced. The concepts for goggles are starting to exceed everyone’s expectations…

So how do we know which pair to wear?

Living in a world where we can choose our Goggles down to the finest features means that we can choose the features of a goggle that will best help us in our own swimming journeys.

One of these fundamental feature’s is the lens. The lenses are a feature that transforms the ability of the entire goggles. And there are many different types and colours of lenses…


An Inside Look: The Lenses

The type of lens that you will need ultimately depends on numerous variables. The weather, indoor or outdoor swimming, the level of lighting. You must carefully consider the type of environments which you will be most frequently swimming in!

Different lenses can also be multi-purpose. The same lens can fulfil different purposes depending on what it is used for. Competitive, training and recreational are three of the main reasons however competitive and training purposes would require the most advanced features in lenses!

When you are aware of your environment then finding the right lens for you will be easy. Here are the different types of lenses:

Mirrored = Primarily designed for outdoor use, it helps reduce brightness and glare. A mirror coating can be added to any lens colour. Sometimes competitors even feel they have a psychological advantage in racing with mirrored lenses.

Smoke = These lenses serve many purposes. They are powerful with reductive light qualities so that the overall brightness you see is lessened without too much colour distortion. Great for outside swimming in sunny conditions.

Clear = Most suitable for indoor use and low-light situations. It offers protection and clear vision without changing the colours of surroundings.

Blue = Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, lighter blues best for indoors and darker outdoors. It reduces surface glare from water and provides great visibility.

Purple = Lighter purples like lilac are good for indoors, and darker purples are better for outdoors. They provide the best contrasts for objects against a green or blue background.

Aqua/Green = These lenses minimise colour distortion in low light and perfect for indoor swimming.

Amber = They are brilliant for people who struggle to see the bottom of the pool, as they filter light to give you a clearer image. Good for indoor and outdoor use.

Red = They are good at enhancing contrast but work well in medium and low light conditions.

These are a wide variety of the lenses available! To decide ‘Which colour Swimming Goggle Lenses should I wear?’ You should answer some of the following questions:Goooggles

-Do I swim indoors or outdoors more often?

-Am I used to bright lighting or low lighting?

-Will I use them for training or competition?

-What weather am I most used to swimming in?

And hopefully they will lead you to one of these colours that suits you best!


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