5 Ways To Prepare For a New Swim Season

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The start of the new swim season is almost upon us, with swimmers and swimming clubs busily preparing for the year ahead.

It is a time when swimmers begin to set their goals and targets for the upcoming season. It could be personal bests and records you're after, or you may be looking to improve your fitness in the pool.

But what better way to start a new season than with some new swimming gear? If you're getting back in the pool with new targets to chase, then kitting yourself out with fresh new equipment will see you raring to go.

At ProSwimwear, we've launched our Back to Swim campaign, which features fantastic deals on all the swimming essentials you'll need to help you hit the ground running when the new swim season gets under way.

Whether you're looking for the best swimming training aids to help you work on your technique, smart new swimwear or new accessories such as swim bags, towels or water bottles, we are the best place to visit.

Check out our list of five top recommendations below to help the swimmers in your family get equipped for the new season.

1) Swim Bag

tyr alliance swim backpack

If you're looking to buy new swimming gear for a new season, then you'll need a smart new bag to put them in.

TYR Alliance swim backpacks (pictured) are a great choice for competitive or fitness swimmers, due to the spacious storage compartments.

Available in a choice of sizes and smart colour designs, there is more than enough space to store your swimming kit as well your favourite training aids such as kickboards, fins or pullbuoys.

As well as rucksacks and holdalls, we also have a range of mesh bags that are ideal for swimmers who like to travel light and just take their swimming kit to and from the pool.

Click here to shop our full range of swim bags.

2) Training aids

michael phelps focus snorkel

Swimmers who are determined to put in the hours improving their technique this season should consider a new training aid to assist them in the water.

A centre snorkel such as the MP Michael Phelps Focus Snorkel (pictured) is a really useful training aid for working on technique. By providing a constant oxygen supply, you won't have to worry about your breathing technique and can put 100% focus into your stroke or positioning.

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If you're happy with your technique, chances are you'll be looking to increase your strength and power to give you extra propulsion and make those times come down.

Training aids such as kickboards, pullbuoys and hand paddles can be used in a variety of ways to develop upper and lower body strength and help you generate extra power.

You can also use training fins that will help you improve leg strength and speed while helping you to improve your body position and technique. We recommend taking a look at the range of Mad Wave Training Fins

3) Goggles and cap

jaked goggles

The start of a new season is a great time to treat yourself to a new pair of swimming goggles and swim cap.

Having a comfortable fit for goggles and cap is essential for a positive feeling when you're getting back in the water. Click here to browse our full Back to Swim ranges of swimming goggles and swim caps.

4) Waterproof MP3 player

finis duo mp3

If your new season's plan features a lot of long training sessions in the pool, then an underwater MP3 player would be a great addition to your swim kit.

We recommend the FINIS Duo Underwater MP3 Player due to its comfort and sound quality. It connects to your goggle strap, so there are no earbuds that keep falling out as you move through the water.

It has 4GB of storage so plenty of room for hundreds of songs, and a battery life of up to seven hours means there's no chance of it cutting out midway through your training session.

Lots of athletes find listening to music or podcasts makes the time go quicker during training. Listening to your favourite songs can also inspire and motivate you to keep going when you start feeling that urge to finish up early.

5) New Swimsuit

You're feeling refreshed for the new season, so why not get a fresh new look for 2018/19?

Check out our Back to Swim section where you can search for new training swimwear at great prices from all the top brands including Arena, Speedo, FINIS, TYR, Jaked, adidas, Nike and many more. Just click the banner below for even more suggestions.

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