Swim Training Set Of The Week - 200 Stroke Set

Swim Training Set

This week's swim training workout from SwimmingWorldMagazine.com is a long and strenuous one. The set features 31 x 200 metre sets!

The idea is to descend by round. Descending means to swim each round faster than the one before so that you're working harder and swimming faster the more tired you get, pushing your limits. This is the main focus of the set, you should start out slow and work up to 100% effort by the last round.


1 x 200 specialty #1 (desc. 1-5; 6-10) @ 3:00

1 x 200 specialty #2 (desc. 1-5; 6-10) @ 3:00

1 x 200 free hypoxic 3                        @ 3:00

After round 10: 200 specialty #1 off the block all out


Speciality = Choose two strokes to swim for speciality #1 and speciality #2
Hypoxic = With less frequent breathing. For example, breathing every 5 or 7 strokes instead of every 3.
The @ 3:00 means that you have 3 minutes to complete the set before starting the next round.

After 30x 200 metres get out and do your last 200 from the blocks at full speed. This is when you have to really push yourself to keep going at maximum capacity even though you're at the end of your swim set!

For more information read the full/original story at: http://www.swimmingworldmagazine.com/news/swim-training-set-of-the-week-200-stroke-set/