Supporting Your Child's Swimming Season

When you want the best for your child, it can sometimes be challenging knowing how to make it happen. Swim parents can sometimes get a bad rap, which does very little for the child’s ability or confidence in the long run. But the truth is: with a wholesome union of parents, children, and coaches, there is no reason that those swimmers can’t improve and improve as much as they like. In order for this to happen, everyone needs to be on form, and that includes the parents. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can better support your child’s swimming - without being feared for hanging out poolside.


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Be Consistent With Your Support

You know how much you support your child. You’re behind them all the way. Yet it can often be surprisingly easy to fall into the trap of inconsistency. When this happens, it manifests as being overly supportive one day, and barely present the next. If you truly want to support your child, you need to make sure that you are being as consistent with that support as you can. That means turning up rain or shine, and supporting them when they don’t do so well. And the other side of that is just as important, albeit often overlooked: don’t let them get ahead of themselves when they do well. Consistency comes hand in hand with balance.

Relinquish Power

Ultimately, it is your child’s sport, and their time. Although you want to be there and act accordingly to support them, you also need to do what you can to allow them to have the control. If you find you are struggling to do this, it will probably show in the swimming itself. By all means retain your parental powers, but when you’re at the pool, it’s all about them. This approach will work wonders in terms of helping them to appreciate the sport better - and appreciate your presence all the more as well.

The Swim Coach

Respect The Coach

We all know how tough it can be when the coach seems to not quite be doing their job. Disagreements between parents and coaches happen all the time - but with the right attitude, there is no reason they need to get in the way of your child’s success. Do your best at all times to maintain a continual respectful relationship with the coach. When there is a problem to be discussed, do so at the right moment and in private, ideally without your child present, you want them to be able to retain their respect for the coach - otherwise, their swimming will suffer too.

Keep Their Gear Up To Date

Children love new kit, this doesn't always have to be the most expensive swimwear or accessories, but if they look trendy, then there is a great chance they'll feel good too. There is a huge range of colours swimwear and accessories available for both boys and girls, starting from very affordable prices. Don't let their swimwear hold them back!

As long as you approach it in the right way, there is no reason that you need to worry about the coach, your child or anyone else. You can support your child, while also respecting and being respected in turn by those around you. That will be better for everyone - and your child will notice the difference too.