Tragic Shooting Made Siobhan-Marie O'Connor Re-think Life Before Rio 2016

Siobhan Marie O'Connor(From’Connor was in her the room on the Northern Arizona University campus where she and her Team Bath training partners had been staying for a couple of weeks in October when the shocking incident began to unfold.

Unbeknown to the British swimming contingent, barely a few hundred metres away a student at the university had shot four of his fellow undergraduates, killing one and wounding the others. “It was just horrible,” she recalls.

“One night near the end of the trip we started hearing loads of sirens


“We didn’t know what was going on and then the next morning it was on the news that a fight had broken out and someone had been shot and killed on the campus. “Thankfully we were safe but it was really scary and incredibly sad seeing all the students so upset.”

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