Michael Phelps chases final gold after winning his biggest battles

Michael Phelps

The Daily Telegraph recently published an in-depth interview with Michael Phelps ahead of his final professional appearance in Rio (Phelps has stated he is retiring after the games). The interview is a no-holds-barred look at Phelps' personal and professional life, his ups and downs, the highs and lows of his career and personal development.

Written by Oliver Brown (Chief Sports Feature Writer - Daily Telegraph

Michael Phelps takes great pride in claiming that he will answer anything. It does not matter how raw or how personal the question, he says, he will give you a reply and he will not sugar-coat it. As he puts it: “This is who I am now.” So it seems apt to test the waters by asking him about alcohol.

There have been few more vexed relationships for Phelps, an outwardly laconic but often troubled soul, than his one with the bottle. For years, the most decorated Olympian of all had tended, at mad moments, to search for answers in the bottom of a glass. In the autumn of 2014, this weakness was thrust mortifyingly into the open, as Phelps staggered into his Range Rover after a hard night’s drinking at the Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore, his home city. Police caught him driving at 84mph in a 45mph zone, veering wildly across the lanes as he sped out of the Fort McHenry Tunnel... (Click here to read the full article from the Daily Telegraph)

Michael Phelps

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