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Ras Swimwear

What do you want from your swimwear? Your priorities may be comfort, fit, feel, colour, lining, leg height or a number of other factors! In my experience, most fitness or club swimmers are looking for a stylish and comfortable swimming costume that they'll be able to get a lot of use out of. It's no good if your beautiful new swimsuit starts to fade and go baggy after a few swims! Perhaps it wasn't such a good quality swimming costume after all?


Today we received our first shipment of a new swimming brand for the UK - “Ras”. Imported from Spain, and featuring full inside lining (front and back on the ladies costumes) you'll feel totally secure and supported on your next trip to the pool. These limited edition swimsuits definitely have a unique style, using high definition image printing onto the 100% Polyester material.


Ras Swimming Costume Ras Swimming Costume Ras Swimwear UK


Because the swimsuits are made from 100% Polyester they will withstand the degrading effects of chlorine for much longer than your average Lycra swimming costume. So don't worry about limiting use of your swimsuit to once per week, go nuts! Swim every day if you like. Polyester based swimming costumes usually last between 10-20x longer than untreated Lycra/Spandex suits.


These are some wonderful colourful training swimsuits that will keep on going swim after swim. The designs on our first batch include Hawaiian beaches, tie dye patterns, tribal designs and more. If you have enjoyed wearing similar brands like Funkita, Amanzi, Zealous, Turbo and FunAqua then we're sure you'll love these new swimming costumes from Ras.



Ras Swimming Costume Ras Swimwear Ras Swim Trunks


We've got trunks/briefs for men and boys plus one-piece swimming costumes for women and girls so head on over to our Ras Swimwear category to check them out.


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