The Best Race Ready Routines

If you’re due to take part in a swimming race soon; it’s essential that you work hard to develop the best possible routine. Failure to do so could mean you never achieve maximum performance, and you never win that all-important medal. Considering that, the expert suggestions below should help to ensure you cover all the bases. Use them wisely!

Getting The Right Amount Of Sleep

Human beings need at least eight hours of sleep every night to ensure their bodies reach optimum performance levels. So, whether you’re a professional athlete or an amateur racer who works a nine to five job; the same rules will apply. You need to get to bed on time every night and ensure you wake up at the same time every morning. Swimming requires a lot of energy, and you will never perform as expected if you’re tired or worn out. With that in mind, you need to turn the TV off at a reasonable time and avoid staying up too late.

Check Your Kit!

The amount of swimmers who still aren't checking their kit is amazing! It's highly important to ensure your goggles aren't damaged, your cap is still in good condition and that your swimsuit still fits! If its been a while since your last race and you are not monitoring your weight, the extra pounds could easily sneak onto your body and when your using an elite level performance suit such as a Speedo Racer X or a suit from the Arena Carbon range they're designed as a second skin and will not stretch over your extra weight gain. 

Our best piece of advice we can give to make this process easier is to get a decent kit bag, maybe a TYR Alliance or a New Speedo Rucksack, and with your kit bag, keep it organised! make sure your goggles, cap, swimsuit, towel and any extras all have a home and stick to it. 



We've often created little pre-race day checklists to make sure everything is packed, this helps us keep a clear mind and rest easy! 

Take a look at our essential checklist which may help you be better prepared for your next race day:

  • Racing suit
  • Back Up Race Suit
  • Towel
  • Poolside Jacket/Coat For Longer Days
  • Club Kit
  • Anti Chlorine Shampoo
  • MP3 Player
  • Racing Goggles 
  • Racing Cap
  • Water
  • Energy Bars/Snack
  • Change Of Dry Clothes
  • Body Wash


Sticking To Your Training Schedule

The schedule you create for training is vital because it determines how often you need to swim to achieve your goals. Sticking to that plan is essential because you need to get your body into a routine. Make sure you always hit the pool in the morning before work or other training, and visit again at the end of the day at the very least. If you stick to a schedule of that nature; you shouldn’t encounter too many problems when it comes to getting to sleep at night. Also, swimming in the morning will boost your energy for the day and ensure you perform better in other areas of your life. If sticking to a schedule often becomes a bit of a challenge, try and spice things up with some swimming tech, the Finis tempo trainer really helps pace the tempo of your swim keeping your stroke rate consistent. Maybe you're after more information, our selection of smart watches provide accurate information and will help you track your performance.


Eating The Right Foods

There are lots of different diets available for swimmers because the types of food you consume and when you eat will play a role in your success. Again, you need to get into a routine and ensure you only eat at particular times of the day. That schedule should help your body to maintain perfect metabolism, and it should prevent your digestive system from causing any issues. While you probably don’t have to go as far as Michael Phelps with his famous 12,000 calorie diet; it’s still sensible to plan your meals and only eat healthy foods that release lots of energy slowly. The best foods for swimmers include:

  • Fresh fruits (dried also works well)

  • Energy foods like cereal bars and protein shakes

  • Low-fat yoghurt

  • Wholegrain bread and cereals


Use the information from this article to design a fantastic training routine that’s guaranteed to leave you race-ready. In most instances, you won’t need to pay for the advice of a nutritionist or fitness experts. You just need to use some common sense and research each of the points made in this post. There is a wealth of info online about the best diets for swimmers and so you won’t have to work too hard to put the right preparations in place.

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