ProSwimwear's Guide To Swimming Bags

Every swimmer needs a bag of some description. Whether you enjoy a trip to the pool in your spare time or you’re a competitive swimmer who is always on the move, it’s a good idea to invest in equipment to carry everything you need in a simple, hassle-free manner. Here are some of the best swim bags and luggage options out there.

Mesh bags

Mesh bags are really useful because they’re light and easy to transport. They are ideal for carrying wet swimwear after a training session or a competition or for taking to the pool when you’re only going to be there for a few hours, and you don’t need a change of clothes, multiple pairs of goggles, hats or any other accessories and training aids. If you train on a regular basis, you can throw everything you need into your bag both before and after your workout without worrying about excess water or weight. Brands such as Amanzi offer a large range of mesh bags that will all drain away water and not leave that nasty damp smell, drying out each item separately and enabling you to access everything you need with minimal hassle. Look for bags with compact designs and choose products made from quick-drying materials. 
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Rucksacks are ideal for when you need more equipment or clothing than you can fit in a mesh bag. If you’re competing, for example, you may need something larger and more robust than a mesh bag. You can carry a rucksack very easily, and the different compartments come in very handy if you’ve got wet clothing, you’re carrying goggles, or you have a flask or water bottle with you. Easy to access pockets, laptop sleeves, and fastened sections protect your belongings and enable you to grab a drink or a change of clothes quickly. Popular swim rucksacks include the Speedo Teamster Rucksack and the TYR Alliance backpack.

 If you’re on the hunt for a new swim bag, it is worth shopping around for products that cater for your needs and having a think about what you want to use the bag for and how much space you need. A lot of swimming bags come with very neat features, all designed with the swimmer in mind for example, the Speedo Teamster Rucksack comes with a removable "dirt bag" for wet swimwear and a pull out "Bleacher seat" which essentially is a flat cushioned surface to sit on rather than the solid surfaces often found poolside! The TYR Alliance range of swim rucksacks come with ample storage compartments, spring hooks for hooking on mesh bags containing wet swimwear, and even a tidy whistle fitted to the front chest buckle just for emergencies.



If you plan to hit the gym before or after the pool or you’re carrying caps, goggles and clean clothes, investing in a lightweight holdall is a great idea. You can store everything you need, and most bags come with separate areas for drinks bottles, wet swimwear, and goggles. A separate pouch for wet gear is a useful feature, as it prevents everything else from the bag getting wet. Best-selling holdalls include the Speedo Duffel bag, the Jaked Neptune bag and the Arena Spikey 2 holdall.

Transition Bags

Transition bags will be an unlikely sight at the pool but are normally found lakeside at triathlon events. Transition bags do exactly what they sound like, they help the athlete in their transition from swim to cycle or run. Now, transition bags are packed full of features, all designed to make the swap from wetsuit to cycling gear much smoother and more importantly, faster! You'll often see they have compartments for wetsuits and all of the other accessories you need, all at an easy reach.
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Many swimmers use a combination of bags depending on where they are and what the day entails. If you’re just going for a quick training session, you may only need a mesh bag. However, if you’re away for a few days, you’re combining swimming training with gym work, or you need a change of clothes and somewhere safe to store equipment, it’s best to buy a holdall or a rucksack too. At Proswimwear we currently have over 200 bags in stock in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colours!

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