Proswimwear Triathlon Ambassador: Meet Jake Keast!

My name is Jake Keast, I’m 21 years old and I call myself a triathlete.

It wasn’t something I aspired to be as a child, my love for triathlon grew as I understood more and found the Triathlete community. It’s now something I’m passionate about. This became solidified by participating in the 2019, 20-24, English Age-Group Duathlon Champion. As well as having the opportunity to represent Great Britain in European and World championships 2020, I now want to engage as many others as possible, to show them just how amazing a sport it is, in all its highs and lows.

What I do Jake Keast Run

I joined my first triathlon club when coming to university, Exeter University Triathlon Club. It changed how I viewed the sport entirely, and it’s the same club I race in today - two and a half years later. Studying at university means I am lucky to have some flexibility in my day, so training is easier for me than some others.

I study Biological Sciences at University. Despite what people think, University life isn’t that laid back. Working a part time job alongside to fund my sport and social life, and now being the University’s triathlon club captain, free time is often hard to come by. Having applied for graduate entry medicine with interviews this year, and balancing work for my dissertation and training, it is unfortunately not all that relaxing!

Working at Trails End Summer Camp in America as an outdoor adventure Instructor for my university summers has been a life-changing experience! It solidified an absolute wanderlust and enjoyment of outdoor activities. And it is with great pleasure I am returning in summer 2020 to be the Fitness Head of Area. Working with exceptional young campers to harbour a life-long passion for the outdoors, health and fitness- all whilst developing them as individuals. Post camp allows time to travel as well, where a road trip from New York to Miami allowed me to satisfy my hiking, climbing and outdoor adventure passion.

I’ve also been lucky enough to work with world-leading scientists and researchers as a part of my university degree. Visiting the Bahama’s to undertake investigations in to Coral and Algal diversity as well as Coral Reef health. It was heart-breaking to see the impacts that we are having on the environment. Similar excursions around the south-west of the UK mean that biology and more specifically conservation and ecology will always hold a great place in my heart.

Why I love being a Triathlete

As triathletes, we often get caught up in the numbers; but I don’t believe this to be a healthy relationship with the sport. Triathlon and sport on the whole offer incredible opportunities to travel, push ourselves and see the world from perspectives many can only dream of (hazily and sweat drenched at the top of a small mountain)!

It’s the people we meet, inspiration, health, fitness and LIFE that it gives us that make triathlon so special. To call oneself an athlete is a thing of beauty, because it means so much more than to partake in a sport. It says a critical thing about the person you are, a person who likes to push themselves, break barriers and be the best possible version of themselves.


Welcome to the team, Jake! We are so pleased to have tirathlon ambassadors on board here at ProSwimwear! Whether you are a swimmer or a triathlete the ambassadors are here to give you their knowledge and share their stories! 

We can't wait to hear more from Jake! 

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