Poolmate Live Swim Watch Now Has Open Water Support

Open Water Swim Support Introduced for the PoolMateLive.PoolMateLive Swim Watch

The PoolMateLive swimmers watch now has open water swim support and extended battery life!

The world's most advanced swimming watch has just received a brand new firmware update, adding several features to the already amazing swim training tool. Now you can see your speed, distance, calories, duration, efficiency and stroke count whatever type of swimming you do. In pools, lakes, rivers, the sea, even endless pools or when swimming tethered.

Just select OWS mode and the PoolMateLive will estimate your speed, distance etc in open water environments. The first time you use OWS mode you need to undertake a calibration swim. This swim should be in similar conditions to your normal open water swimming. i.e. In open water and with a wetsuit if you normally wear one. You will need a swim course with a known distance, it doesn’t matter what this is you just need to know it. Ask your open water swim operator if you are not sure.

For existing PoolMateLive owners, instructions on how to update your firmware to the latest version can be found here.

The PoolMateLive Swim Watch

  • Suitable for pools, open water, endless pools and even tethered swimming. Now with new firmware to support all type of swimming, not just in a pool. The PoolMateLive is suitable for every swim location. Pools must be over 18m but that’s the only restriction.
  • Automatic lap and stroke counting for each lap - The PoolMateLive has all our swim monitoring functions including laps, strokes, speed, distance, calories, stroke length, strokes per minute and efficiency which are automatically calculated from your arm movements. In addition to the set by set information shown by the PoolMate and PoolMatePro, with the download clip the PoolMateLive downloads data for each individual lap you swim to you PC or Mac.
  • Vibrating alarm - Our unique vibrating alarm alerts you when you have swam a certain number of laps, distance or time interval- a really great innovation to keep track in the pool.
  • Large display characters - With our largest characters the display is easy to see through goggles so lap count is visible at a glance.
  • Tough but stylish - The PoolMateLive has a sleek but tough design with sapphire crystal glass and a ceramic bezel so it stands up to the hardest swim session and is suitable for everyday wear too.
  • Long battery life, that you can change yourself - The PoolMateLive has our longest battery life yet, up to 2 years. It comes with a specially designed back plate with a twist off battery port so you can change the battery yourself at home when you need to.
  • Optionally Downloadable - You can download your swim data to your computer. It’s completely up to you. Purchase the download clip for an extra £30 and you can download to PC or Mac.
  • Chrono mode for other sports.

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