World records for Masie Summers-Newton and Tom Hamer at Dublin 2018 - Day 2

maisie summers-newton british swimming
Maisie Summers-Newton (centre). Photo: British Swimming

Tom Hamer and Masie Summers-Newton both set new world records on the way to gold medals at the 2018 World Para Swimming Allianz European Championships in Dublin.

They were two of three gold medals for Great Britain on the second day of action in Ireland, with Bethany Firth also winning the women's S14 200m freestyle European title.

Hamer successfully defended his title in the men's S14 200m freestyle, smashing his own world record on the way to setting a new best of 1:55.71.

"I really wasn't expecting the world record, I felt a little out of shape if I'm honest," said Hamer afterwards. "I came back from the Commonwealth Games and I really enjoyed myself out there, then I had a few months to get back in shape.

"I'm really happy with that swim and it proves I've got so much more left in the tank. I felt in control, I tried to nail the first 100m and then try to come back at the end, and it paid off.

"This year does feel like a bit of a breakthrough year, I've had two major internationals and to be able to go home from both with golds and world records is amazing."

Jordan Catchpole completed a British one-two in the final, claiming the silver medal with a PB time of 1:59.64.

Not to be outdone, Summers-Newton also set a new world record of 2:59.60 in the women's SM6 200m individual medley final.

"It hasn't sunk in yet," she said soon after exiting the pool. "I didn't think I was going to go that fast, I just wanted to go quicker than this morning and that was a PB. I just can't believe it.

"This means everything! To be racing against these swimmers at my first Europeans, and to get a world record is amazing."

Britain's third gold of the day capped a clean sweep of the medal positions in the women's S14 200m freestyle. Firth retained her title with a winning time of 2:05.41, while Jessica-Jane Applegate took silver in 2:07.29 and Louise Fiddes bronze in 2:09.26.

"I think it's great that we've all managed to get on the podium today," said Firth. "I'm so happy that I have been able to retain my European title."

Other British medallists on day two in Dublin included Lewis White, who set a new PB of 56.29 to claim the silver medal in the men's S9 100m freestyle.

Andrew Mullen claimed a bronze medal in the men's S5 50m backstroke, as did Toni Shaw in the women's S9 100m freestyle final.

2018 World Para Swimming Allianz European Championships Results - Day 2

Men's 100m Backstroke S10
GOLD: Maksym Krypak (Ukraine) 57.68
SILVER: Stefano Raimondi (Italy) 59.30
BRONZE: Riccardo Menciotti (Italy) 1:00.35

Women's 100m Backstroke S10
GOLD: Bianka Pap (Hungary) 1:08.83
SILVER: Lisa Kruger (Netherlands) 1:09.88
BRONZE: Anaelle Roulet (France) 1:10.97

Men's 200m IM SM6
GOLD: Antoni Ponce Bertran (Spain) 2:51.18
SILVER: Ivan Bence (Hungary) 2:56.00
BRONZE: David Sanchez Sierra (Spain) 3:06.24

Women's 200m IM SM6
GOLD: Masie Summers-Newton (Britain) 2:59.60 - WR
SILVER: Yelyzav Mereshko (Ukraine) 3:01.69
BRONZE: Verena Scott (Germany) 3:05.39

Men's 400m Freestyle S8
GOLD: Inigo Llopis Sanz (Spain) 4:40.78
SILVER: Gioele Ciampricotti (Italy) 4:59.97
BRONZE: Joshua Grob (Switzerland) 5:00.26

Women's 400m Freestyle S8
GOLD: Xenia Francesca Palazzo (Italy) 4:59.51
SILVER: Claire Supiot (France) 5:04.81
BRONZE: Amalie Vinther (Denmark) 5:10.02

Men's 100m Breaststroke SB11
GOLD: Viktor Smyrnov (Ukraine) 1:17.15
SILVER: Israel Oliver (Spain) 1:17.26
BRONZE: Johannes Weinberg (Germany) 1:25.06

Women's 100m Breaststroke SB11
GOLD: Liesette Bruinsma (Netherlands) 1:26.50
SILVER: Yana Berezhna (Ukraine) 1:27.25
BRONZE: Maja Reichard (Sweden) 1:29.27

Men's 100m Breaststroke SB13
GOLD: Ihar Boki (Belarus) 1:05.97
SILVER: Uladzimir Izotau (Belarus) 1:07.69
BRONZE: Taliso Engel (Germany) 1:08.34

Men's 50m Freestyle S3
GOLD: Vincenzo Boni (Italy) 47.04
SILVER: Denys Ostapchenko (Ukraine) 50.05
BRONZE: T Martinez (Spain) 52.28

Men's 50m Freestyle S4
GOLD: Arnost Petracek (Czech Republic) 40.40
GOLD: Darko Duric (Slovenia) 40.40
BRONZE: David Smetanine (France) 40.93

Women's 50m Freestyle S4
GOLD: Arjola Trimi (Italy) 40.58
GOLD: Gina Boettcher (Germany) 45.72
BRONZE: Olga Sviderska (Ukraine) 48.05

Men's 50m Backstroke S5
GOLD: Yaroslav Semenenko (Ukraine) 34.95
SILVER: Antonio Fantin (Italy) 36.17
BRONZE: Andrew Mullen (Britain) 36.39

Women's 50m Backstroke S5
GOLD: Sumeyye Boyaci (Turkey) 45.21
SILVER: Teresa Perales (Spain) 45.68
BRONZE: Monica Boggioni (Italy) 46.54

Men's 200m Freestyle S14
GOLD: Thomas Hamer (Britain) 1:55.71 - WR
SILVER: Jordan Catchpole (Britain) 1:59.64
BRONZE: Michiel Jorinik (Netherlands) 2:01.16

Women's 200m Freestyle S14
GOLD: Bethany Firth (Britain) 2:05.41
SILVER: Jessica-Jane Applegate (Britain) 2:07.29
BRONZE: Louise Fiddes (Britain) 2:09.26

Women's 200m IM SM7
GOLD: Anna Hontar (Ukraine) 3:20.30
SILVER: Meri-Maari Makinen (Finland) 3:37.23
BRONZE: Judit Rolo Marichal (Spain) 3:37.32

Men's 100m Freestyle S9
GOLD: Simone Barlaam (Italy) 54.42 - ER
SILVER: Lewis White (Britain) 56.29
BRONZE: Federico Morlacchi (Italy) 56.69

Women's 100m Freestyle S9
GOLD: Sarai Gascon (Spain) 1:02.99
SILVER: Nuria Marques Soto (Spain) 1:03.46
BRONZE: Toni Shaw (Britain) 1:04.27

Men's 100m Breaststroke SB12
GOLD: Oleksii Fedyna (Ukraine) 1:04.16
SILVER: Maksym Veraksa (Ukraine) 1:10.73
BRONZE: Danylo Chufarov (Ukraine) 1:11.51

Women's 100m Breaststroke SB12
GOLD: Elena Krawzow (Germany) 1:16.44
SILVER: Karolina Pelendritou (Cyprus) 1:16.98
BRONZE: Anastasiya Zudzilava (Belarus) 1:21.14

Mixed 4x50m Medley Relay 20pts
GOLD: Ukraine 2:39.29 - WR
SILVER: Italy 2:48.35
BRONZE: Spain 2:52.59


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