How To Find The Perfect Orca Wetsuit For You!

Created in 1992, Orca is built on a desire to improve the quality of wetsuits for everyone – to make them better and faster than anything on the market. This ambition was spearheaded by former triathlon champion Scott Unsworth in Auckland, New Zealand – which began with a focus on triathlon wetsuits

New wetsuit development, incorporating rigorous scientific testing and construction, is built on expert advice from over 20 professional triathletes. Orca continues to innovate beyond triathlon wetsuits, adding wetsuits for open water and wetsuits for SwimRun to its exceptional product catalogue! 

To help it’s loyal following keep up with the latest wetsuit developments, Orca has developed an informative ‘Swim Scale’. This helps users find their perfect wetsuit pairing based on their swim style – Natural swimmer, Total swimmer & Progressive swimmer. Find out more about the Orca wetsuit swim scales below:


Orca Wetsuit Natural Swimmer

You are a natural swimmer with a history of swimming or had the time to perfect your swim technique. Your body position in the water is correct - with an elevated foundation, a good horizontal angle and hydrodynamic style. You should be looking for flexibility in your wetsuit, which won’t affect your natural technique but allows you to continue to improve your swim skill.  

You should be looking at the Orca ‘Alpha’ or ‘Equip’ range – available in men’s wetsuits and women’s wetsuits.


Orca Wetsuit Total Swimmer

As a total swimmer, you have a strong technique and sufficient body position in the water, however occasional errors occur in your kick throughout the stroke. To counter this, you will need a wetsuit that continues to support your upper body freedom, whilst adding additional ‘float’ to your legs to produce a horizontal body position – which will improve hydrodynamics! 

To make these changes to your swim, you should consider the Orca ‘Predator’ for men or ‘Sonar’ range – available in men’s wetsuits and women’s wetsuits.


Orca Wetsuit Progressive Swimmer

Your outdoor swimming adventures have just begun and you can be a little short of confidence at times. You need some help with your body position, to give yourself a solid foundation to continue improving your technique and endurance. Maximum ‘float’ in your wetsuit is a great help for this!

You’ll need the Orca ‘3.8’ or ‘S7’ collection – available in men’s wetsuits and women’s wetsuits

We hope this useful guide from Orca has helped get you on the road to the right wetsuit for you!

Orca offer far more than just wetsuits - Don’t forget to discover more triathlon, open water and swim run equipment to make sure you’ve got everything you need! This includes a great range of swim bags, goggles and caps!


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