NEW IN: The Supreme Nike Vapor Performance Swimming Goggles

Nike have been producing quality equipment for professional athletes for years. They are established in the industry, and now they are entering a new era of swimming technology. These Nike goggles are specifically designed for performance, having features engineered to give you your best swim yet.

In this collection there is the Nike Vapor Goggles and the Nike Vapor Mirrored Goggles both certified and FINA approved. The motto of this goggle collection is ‘less drag, more speed’ and that is exactly what these hi-tech swimming goggles will provide you with.

Here are the amazing features of this advanced collection:


Ultra-Low-Profile Nike Vapor

These goggles are the beginning of a new era with a brand-new sleek design. Not only do they look good, but they swim even better with a construction that ensures minimal drag when swimming. The gasket has a fit that is soft and comfortable, taking the comfort in wearing goggles to an elevated level. The curved back clip is secure against the head, whilst also reinforcing the comfort of the goggles making your swim more enjoyable.


Oversized Curved Lens

These racing goggles are built to optimise your field of vision when you swim. The curved lenses allow an extended field of view when you are in the water. Your vision is increased for both the horizontal and vertical view, meaning that you have a greater vision than ever before. Feel more relaxed in your next swim knowing you have a wider scope of vision thanks to the oversized, curved lens.


Flexible Soft Gasket

The Nike Vapor Goggles are built with a gasket that ensures a softness and comfort.This exceptional comfort is provided by the technology of fitting facial contours. The flexibility of the gasket allows it to adapt to a variety of face shapes, giving it a comfort that is versatile to the wearer of the goggles. It ensures this level of comfort without jeopardizing your performance.

Nike Swift Track

With the new Nike Swift Track customisation option, it allows you to customise your goggles with interchangeable nose bridge options. This nose bridge system allows you to find your perfect customisation quickly and easily. It ensures a good fit for a variety of face shapes and optimum comfort for all. There are 4 nose bridge sizes included to help you find the greatest fit for your face so you can concentrate on your swim.


Mirrored Lens Coating

The sophisticated mirror coating technology that covers the lenses is used to block out UV rays and glare. It is designed to stop any additional glare as well whether you are swimming indoors or outdoors. This makes these Nike Goggles the perfect versatile pair of goggles that can be used for swimming in any environment.


Let the Nike Vapor Performance Swim Goggles make your next swim more enjoyable.


You can get the Nike Vapor Goggles today at ProSwimwear! Nike also have an excellent selection of goggles on their Nike Goggles page. Nike also have an amazing range of caps and other accessories to help you make the most out of your next swim. Check out Nike's amazing Training Swimwear range here. 


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