The New TYR Avictor Venom Racing Suit

Do you want to stand out from the crowd, catch attention, and enjoy a confidence boost from both looking and feeling great as you step up at the start of a race?

If any of the above apply, then your next racing suit purchase should be from the TYR Avictor Venom range— because this is a range that is designed to impress. With all the technology you would expect from a high-end suit designer and a stunning design that looks as good as it feels to wear, the Avictor Venom range is definitely worth your time.

Incredible designs 

Let’s face it, racing suits aren’t usually known for their aesthetic benefits. That makes sense, of course; it’s what you can do while wearing the suit that matters, not how you look… but do racing suits always have to be so basic?

The TYR Avictor Venom range proves that racing suits can be both technologically sound and look fantastic, so you can feel proud of the way you look when your photograph is being taken to celebrate your victory. There are four different colours in the range;

  • Black/blue

  • Black/multi

  • Red

  • Black/grey

…  and all feature the incredibly intricate patterns that are sure to make these FINA approved TYR swimsuits stand out from your competition.  All of these colours are limited edition, so if you want to snap up a truly unique TYR Avictor Venom swimsuit, you’re going to want to buy one of these gorgeous designs as soon as possible!

Multiple options 

There’s something for everyone in the TYR Avictor Venom range, with open back kneesuits and jammers available. So whatever your preference, you’re sure to be able to take advantage of these incredible designs thanks to the range of options offered by the brand.

The suit itself

Of course, looks aren’t everything, so it’s worth noting that the TYR Avictor swimsuit range still offers you a great deal in terms of technological innovation. The suits were developed with the input of high-level professionals, including elite swimmers, to ensure that the suits are able to help the wearer perform to the best of their abilities. In fact, this range has been called the most innovative range ever produced by TYR— so these suits benefit from both style and substance!

Here’s a quick look at the features you can benefit from when you shop the range:

  • Hydrosphere technology that helps to ensure the wearer maintains the best possible body positioning when in the water.

  • Water surrounds the swimsuit to create a hydrospheric effect. This, in turn, helps to reduce drag in the water and provides a great boost to speed and ease of movement.

  • Ultra-compressed to enhance stabilisation of the wearer’s core without impacting the ability to move freely and naturally.

  • Speed dry fabrication for maximum convenience

  • Incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear.

  • “Super Flex Bonding” ensures that all seams are able to conform to the wearer’s body, which offers a performance-enhancing stretch.

As you can see from the above, the TYR Avictor Venom racing suits have the looks and the technological prowess to enhance the race experience for any swimmer. Now all you have to do is decide which of the fantastic colourways you want to buy!