New ProSwimwear Water Bottle - Available Now For Just £1

Swim Drinks Bottle

Hi, swimmers! Just updating you to say that today we have received a shipment of the brand new ProSwimwear water bottles!


They're available for just £1 when you buy ANYTHING else in store! (Normal price £2.99).


Simply add any product to your cart + the 750ml ProSwimwear water bottle to receive an automatic discount. The price of the bottle will change from £2.99 to just £1 when it is placed in your cart.


The drinks bottle features an easy-sip valve style lid which is less fiddly than the pull-push tops. The bottles are semi-transparent so you'll have an easy time mixing in your own juice mix, energy supplements or hydration tablets if you use them. The bottles are ergonomically shaped, with textured finger grips on the neck.


Don't miss out! Grab your ProSwimwear water bottle for just £1 today!


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