The New FINIS Duo Underwater MP3 Player

Finis Duo

FINIS, the international leader in technical swimming products, is proud to present their latest underwater mp3 player, the Duo. This new waterproof mp3 player is designed to help swimmers find more enjoyment in the water by allowing them to experience music underwater.

In 2005 FINIS brought out their first underwater mp3 player the “SwiMP3”. This innovative mp3 player offered patented bone conducting technology that sends audio waves through the cheekbones to the inner ear, delivering high quality audio underwater. When reviewed in TIME magazine the product was named as one of the top sporting goods products of the year. Then came the seconds generation of FINIS underwater mp3 player, the Neptune broke new ground and progressed the technology with a more functional design and larger storage capacity, resulting in the device winning a “Red Dot” design award in 2013.

Now, FINIS is innovating again with the “Duo”. Featuring a lighter, more streamlined design, faster syncing and crystal clear audio.

“The Duo is our 3rd underwater MP3 player, and is our best one yet.   The crystal clear audio and simple interface, makes the Duo is a great device to help swimmer’s enjoy the water even more. I love using the Duo because I can go for a swim and listen to my favorite tunes, and after just a few songs, I’ve completed a great workout.” – John Mix, CEO, FINIS, Inc.


The battery boasts a 7 hour life and the device can store over 60 hours of music in MP3 or WMA formats. The engineers at FINIS have streamlined the design, creating a simpler interface designed to take swimmers' workouts to the next level of performance. IPX8 certified, the player includes an integrated clip which secures to the goggles straps for a streamlined and comfortable fit that doesn't disturb your swimming stroke.

“It’s no secret that music plays an important part in motivating us to go further and faster for longer, when it comes to sport. I love using the Duo on those long aerobic swimming workouts. I can push it to the limit, and before I know it, I’ve completed a 6km workout.” – Grant Turner, British Olympian, European Marketing Manager, FINIS, Inc.

Finis Duo Finis Duo

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