How To Achieve Faster Muscle Recovery - Arena Compression Clothing

Compression Wear by Arena

Arena make (arguably) the world's best competitive swimsuits with the Powerskin Carbon Pro and Powerskin Carbon Flex and now they're bringing that carbon fibre technology to clothing that you can wear on dry land. Their new compression wear range is built for serious athletes with specific needs. See them in action, watch the video here:

The compression tights and compression tops are threaded with carbon fibre strands to give the garment a lightweight yet incredibly strong design. The technical garments are designed for fitness enthusiasts and elite swimmers looking for something that could give them the edge in their next competition.

The Arena compression clothing is designed to support your muscles in their recovery phase, after a workout you will notice that your muscles get sore. Recovery compression technology aims to support your muscles and aid your blood circulation during this critical period for muscle growth and gaining strength. Wearing compression technology during this time is reported to expedite the removal of metabolic wast and aid the reintroduction of the substances that muscles require to build/strengthen themselves.

Arena Compression Clothing


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