Michael Phelps XCEED Goggles Voted "Best on Test"

Michael Phelps' Goggles Voted "Best on Test"

The Michael Phelps XCEED racing goggles have recently been voted “Best on Test” by Triathlon 220 magazine.

In a test against 3 other comparable goggles (including equivalents from Speedo and Blueseventy), the MP XCEED came out on top with a verdict of 94% satisfaction.

220 Triathlon had this to say about the goggles:

Best on test rosette

“Having tried the blue mirrored versions of the MP XCEEDs last year, we were keen to try this limited edition pair made for Michael Phelps' swansong at the Rio Olympic Games. Expecting them to five a darker huge, we were surprised to find the red lenses were great for all light conditions, and we actually preferred them to the blue lenses.

Aqua Sphere's patented curved lens technology gives the goggles a hydrodynamic appearance, yet the range of vision if almost 180 degrees because they cover both sides of the face so well.

Although they're light and racey, the frame and nosepiece is incredibly robust, and the gaskets provide a fantastic seal.

We've had our first pair of XCEEDS for nearly a year, and though £45 is a big spend (prices start from £20.49), trust us when we say they're definitely built to last.”

Growing in popularity...

The Michael Phelps XCEED goggles have been growing in popularity with our customers since their release and are now one of our top selling competitive swimming goggles. They're even giving the much-loved Speedo Fastskin and Arena Cobra goggles (who have had a corner on the market for years) a run for their money!

One of the advantages that our customers love is the curved lens technology which provides almost 180 degrees of vision. Unlike some other racing goggles which put blinkers on the sides of your vision, the XCEED goggles allow you greater spacial awareness by providing you with unbeatable crystal clear peripheral vision.

The XCEED goggles come in variety of styles, colours and price brackets, from the basic clear lens version right up to the special limited edition with titanium mirrored lenses. There's also a “small fit” ladies version which is designed for smaller face types. The interchangeable nosebridges help even further in finding the absolute perfect fit for comfort and performance in the water.

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MP XCEED Goggles

MP XCEED Goggles


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