Matt Grevers Breaks World Record at "Duel In The Pool"

Matt Grevers

Matt Grevers (USA) broke the world short course record last week in the 100m backstroke event. He took 0.02 seconds off the previous world record time of 48.94 to clock in with a new record of 48.92 seconds.


"I wanted it. I wanted it real bad," said Grevers. "I was pretty close in the 200 yesterday so I knew I had it in me."


Grevers broke the record during last weekend's “Duel In The Pool” competition. The competition pits the very best of USA swimming talent against the best Europe has to offer! The race was one event out of 16 that took place on the final day of Duel In The Pool 2015. The USA came out on top again and walked away victorious for the seventh year in a row. That makes them undefeated champions of “Duel in the Pool”. The event is held every two years. For the first three years the competition was held between Australia and the USA, with the last four years being Europe vs USA.


TYR Avictor


For the elite swimmers who took part in the event it was a great chance to get in some race day practice for the upcoming Olympics. A chance to test their physical and mental preparedness. There were some excellent performances over the course of the two day event with Europe's Ranomi Kromowidjojo equalling her own 50m freestyle world record and Katinka Hosszu swam to a fantastic vicotry in the 200m IM with a time of 2:03.66.


Grevers is sponsored by TYR swimwear in the USA and was sporting the latest tech suit from the American swimming brand. The TYR Avictor Jammers are available in range of colours from ProSwimwear.


 Watch Matt Grevers break the world record for 100m backstroke wearing the TYR Avictor Jammers: